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The EDN Financing Guide

Cover of The EDN Financing Guide 2020 (click to enlarge)

The EDN Financing Guide is the most cost effective tool for documentary professionals featuring an extensive global overview of broadcasters, funds, distributors and alternative funding sources. With its unrivalled and diverse collection of funding opportunities including direct contacts to potential financiers, the guide is a one-stop shop covering the whole spectrum of international financing opportunities for documentaries. While printed editions of the guide are available for purchase, EDN members - upon joining our network - get full access to a searchable online edition as well as an interactive digital version of the guide in an easy-to-navigate catalog format.




As a member of EDN, you can access the digital version on this page.


The EDN Financing Guide provides detailed information about:

  •   -  900+ comm. editors & buyers
  •   -  450+ documentary strands
  •   -  350+ documentary departments
  •   -  350+ distributors & VOD platforms
  •   -  200+ film funds

The database-driven online version of the guide (see video introductions), provides you with detailed search options, so you can find the precise information you need. For instance your can locate:

  •   -  144 documentary sales agents
  •   -  105 commissioners and buyers in the UK
  •   -  100 regional film funds
  •   -  73 TV strands showing one-hour current affairs programs
  •   -  31 TV Stations with arts and culture departments
  •   -  19 German broadcasters showing documentaries

You can find detailed search options and further information in each of the following four sections:

  •   -  International TV
  •   -  Funding
  •   -  Distributors
  •   -  Podcasts


Please note: We have recently combined all broadcasters into the category "International TV". This category now also contains all European TV stations that were formerly featured in the European TV section.

The EDN Co-Production Guide

With the EDN Co-Production Guide you get information on:

- Co-produced titles, funding amounts and regional funds
- Guidelines to national and regional funds
- Requirements for co-production funding
- Productions co-produced by broadcasters
- Examples of a co-production agreement
- Relevant links

The EDN Co-Production Guide holds information from 30 European countries. All information is provided by experienced producers in each country. For more information on how to use the guide for your next co-production, please also check out this video introduction.

Don't take our word for it!

'The EDN Financing Guide is a sine qua non for everybody who wants to succeed in finding money in the international documentary jungle.'

   - Adriek van Nieuwenhuyzen, Head of Industry Office, IDFA, The Netherlands 



See a list with all our EDN Financing Guide Advocates.


Here you can read more about the content of The EDN Financing Guide

If you have comments, questions or ideas about content to be included in our EDN Financing Guide please contact us at

Video Introduction of the EDN Financing Guide

Below you will find a brief introduction to the EDN Financing Guide, the most cost-effective funding tool for documentary professionals. Providing hundreds of contact details of commissioning editors, buyers, sales agents, distributors, funds and broadcasters, the EDN Financing Guide is a key resource for bringing your documentary to the market — click here to watch the video in full-screen.

Further Video Introductions

Below you will find further video introductions on how to use the different sections of the online version of the EDN Financing Guide on our website. These are also available in the related sections of the guide.

TV Strands in the EDN Financing Guide

TV Departments in the EDN Financing Guide

Editors and Buyers in the EDN Financing Guide

TV Stations in the EDN Financing Guide

Documentary Funds in the EDN Financing Guide

Distributors in the EDN Financing Guide

The EDN Co-Production Guide




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