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What is inside The EDN Financing Guide?

Index page of The EDN Financing Guide. Click to enlarge.

The EDN Financing Guide provides documentary professionals with the information needed to navigate in the evolving landscape of documentary financing, where new approaches to funding and distribution have become increasingly important. Among the included information in the guide are details and contact information on broadcasters, distributors, film funds and VOD platforms.

Below you will find two downloads giving you an overview of the information available in our guide and an example of how we list broadcasters. Please note that we have taken out the personal contact details in the example, as we can not make these details available in public.

EDN Financing Guide index


Giving you an overview of the information included in our EDN Financing Guide.

EDN Financing Guide example


Giving you an example of a broadcaster included in our EDN Financing Guide. We have taken away the personal contact details in this example, as we can not make them public available.

Don’t take our word for it!

Over the years many documentary professionals have appreciated the significant information and precise contact details included in the guide. Among them are Canadian Filmmaker, Critic and Mentor Peter Wintonick, who says:

I am not the most "spiritual" man in the world, although I have read all of the great religious Texts religiously. But for those in the secular humanist faith called Documentary, The EDN Financing Guide is our bible.

Here we have gathered more statements on The EDN Financing Guide from leading documentary professionals.

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When you join EDN you will get full access to a searchable online edition as well as an interactive digital version of the guide in an easy-to-navigate catalog format. Printed copies of the guide are available for purchase upon request.


Prices for the printed edition of the EDN Financing Guide:

For Members:   EUR 14.95 (inside EU) or EUR 24.95 (outside EU), incl. delivery

For Non-Members:   EUR 175 (incl. delivery).


You can order your copy by writing an email to


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