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  • Tiengemeten
  • The island of Tiengemeten is only 20 kilometres south of Rotterdam. It is the last remaining island in the south-western delta of the Netherlands. Once it was a sandbank on which reeds and brushwood grew. Around 1800, the first farmers settled on the island. And gradually more and more mud flats were reclaimed. In 1996, Tiengemeten was made up of 700 hectares of fertile agricultural land, with 6 farms. But as part of the policy plan for nature, it was decided that Tiengemeten should be returned to wild nature. There was no more room for farmers there. The film TIENGEMETEN follows this process, starting in 1996. It focuses on images of the landscape. The order, the endless expanse of fields as cultural history. Now it is 2001. A detailed plan for the development of nature is ready, based on thorough research by dozens of scientists. Five farmers have left for other climes, one is still left. As long as he stays, they cannot start to execute the plan. No one knows what will happen next. However, the process will continue to be followed on film for the coming years.

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