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  • Bloody Industry
  • The film tells about the group of artists investigating the past remembering those people of art who became victims of Stalin’s governance. Some of the best Georgian artists had been executed or exiled in that period, including writers, painters, actors, and representatives of other fields of culture. What was Stalin’s aim conducting such an unprecedentedly mass-scale repressions? What should we tell our children about the Soviet Union? How the history is being created in Georgia today? How Stalin’s personality and cruelties committed by him are perceived now? Which different views exist regarding this person nowadays? How the representatives of different fields of culture evaluate this phenomenon and how it is reflected in their work? In the times of Stalin, major part of the society turned into the intimidated group of people. Could someone from this kind of society create anything valuable in art? The government was selecting people who were obedient and loyal to them to create idols and authorities in all fields of art. Their works were presented as masterpieces, and as the society was educated in the spirit of these pseudo-masterpieces, situation was getting even graver. This art movement is known as Social Realism. Those who attempted to create different art were punished strictly. Major part of Georgian artists had been exiled or executed throughout this period. Talented people were considered as a big threat to the system. Therefore, some of these people disappeared without leaving any information about them. We intend to tell about them in our film. password :3333

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Ketevan Nozadze


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