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  • Sarasate, The King of the Violin
  • SYNOPSIS The visit to the tomb of the Polish violinist Henryk Wieniawski, (friend and contemporary of Pablo Sarasate), marks the future of Anna, a girl who ends up becoming a violinist. This passion and profession leads her to Pamplona to become part of the Navarre Symphonic Orchestra. Anna, the guiding force of the documentary, meets people and visits places that allows us to intimately explore the life of Pablo Sarasate like never before. Pablo was unique in his time and today his legacy is kept alive by every contemporary violinist. Meetings with experts about his life and his music are interspersed with live violin performances by internationally acclaimed violinists, filmed in different formats. Through fictionalized sequences, the film explores the complex personality of Pablo, the sacrifices that his mother made for him and his relationship with his friend, the famous tenor from Navarre, Julian Gayarre. TREATMENT "Sarasate, the King of Violin" will be a musical-biographical documentary with a cinematographic quality whose goal is to explore his past along with his present work, to show who he was and what he did, without forgetting his relevance to the great talents of today. The documentary is structured with a clear storyline, and three different segments. These intermixed make the movie dynamic and entertaining, while educational and deep. First segment: Anna Radomska. She is the character throughout the documentary who will be discovering and speaking with relevant people to provide information about the protagonist, Pablo Sarasate. We will hear first hand accounts from experts, musicians, writers, musicologists and inheritors through live interviews, about the musician, his work, his style and personality. We will include the testimonies of Maria Nagore (Musicologist, author and Professor of History and Science of Music at the Complutense University of Madrid), Manuel Guillén (Head of Department of Strings at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid) or Alexandre de la Cerda (Author, historian and Honorary Consul of Russia in Biarritz), among others. Second segment: Musical performances. One of the main objectives of the documentary is to present the musical legacy of Pablo Sarasate. Therefore, his melodies will accompany most of the scenes of the film. Sometimes just as background music, and others, shown through live musical performances from reputed violinists worldwide and upcoming national and regional violin talents. These include Ana Maria Valderrama (First Spanish winner of the International Pablo Sarasate Competition in 2011) or Ara Malikian (famous Lebanese violinist). Third segment: Fictitious recreations. Lastly, another section of the documentary will be the fictitious recreations recorded as a "biopic" of some transcendental moments of the personal life of Pablo Sarasate. In them, the violinist and the most important people in his life will be shown, like his mother Javiera and his friend Julian Gayarre. These parts of the film will be shot with a RED ONE camera with a different image treatment from the rest of the documentary in 2.35:1 (letterboxed Panavision) aspect ratio. In other words, with a completely cinematographic looking production. That could be the advance of a future film or television series. The music of Pablo Sarasate obviously will set the tone of the documentary in the final scene. To do this, we will count on have the work, the experience and the vision of Pablo Blanco (Best Editing Goya Award in 1997, 2011 and 2013) who will link perfectly each block in excellent harmony. This editing work would use a cinematographic language but would be modern and distanced from the traditional documentary, far away from reporting and assuming a subjective point of view. The music, a true character itself, will have a key role that allows the viewers to breathe in every note the personality of the great Pablo Sarasate, and submerging themselves in his beautiful melodies, feel the reflection of his world.

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