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  • Africa's Indigenous Survivors
  • The untold Khoekhoe story of survival is given to us through a personal journey of discovery by our presenters - Jolene Martin and Rehane Abrahams both descendants of the Khoekhoe - in their quest to understand the roots, history, identity, traditions, culture and contemporary living of our First Nation. On this journey, they visit Khoe communities across South Africa. It is a fascinating journey of discovery that takes the viewer along the migration path of Khoe society. As we visit far flung communities such as the mission stations Pella and Wupperthal, we hear the tales of larger than life heroes and pioneers such as Cochoqua chief Doman, Orlams Captain Hendrik Witbooi, Krotoa, Autshumato, David Stuurman and visionary Jan Paerl. We also follow the epic journey by the Griqua across the Drakensberg to Nomansland where they established Kokstad. With breathtaking visuals and colourful characters, we bring the Khoe people to life through fireside story-telling, drama, poetry, music, dance, ancient art, and food. Modern interpretation of historical records, rock paintings, and excavations by historians and anthropologists, will reveal a new narrative - a story of survival of a people that faced an onslaught from early European visitors and later the Dutch settlers, military subjugation, dispossession of land, and a threat to its culture, which stretched over thousands of years and continues until today.

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