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  • A Soldier's Tale
  • Noemi Katona, a 28 years old student, living in Berlin for four years and made history, sociology, cultural anthropology study, next to the human rights of prostitutes working in a civil protection organization. She found her grandfather’s diary from 1945 in the Second World War after her grandfather died in 2008. The journal was about a soldier’s life of the Hungarian army between December 1944 and October 1945, day after day. It was about the American and the French captivity reality, the humiliation and comradeship, faith, struggle for surviving. Noemi started to pass over between the Hungarian village Mihályfa and German Bad Kreuznach, Bretsenheim by his grandfather’s diary with a small camcorder trying to understand a generation, a historical situation and in particular her grandfather’s thinking. Meanwhile, we also follow her with a camera and we present the life and thoughts which were described in the journal. Contemporary archival images also evoke the past. After arriving home, Hungary, Noemi has also researched about the western captivity: why it was not possible to talk about all this after 1945 in Hungary? Why should they hide what they experienced at a young age during all their lifetime? In light of the theme of the Holocaust and the Gulag-events there was speaking about it not too much. We want to present the history of this slice through a personal story, which, like other event and policy of the second World War, decided the fate of hundreds of thousand innocent Hungarian soldiers in the XXst century in Hungary.

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