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SIMA Announces Finalists for Social Impact Media Awards 2016


The annual Social Impact Media Awards (SIMA) celebrate the best impact documentaries from around the world that inspire activism, compassion and social transformation. SIMA announced yesterday the line-up of finalists for the 2016 edition of their unique initiative.

Still from Omo Child: The River and the Bush,
one of the SIMA finalists, directed by John Rowe,
produced by Tyler Rowe & John Rowe

The selected finalists will compete in the two categories Documentaries (Features, Shorts) and Impact Videos (Innovations, Creative Impact).

"Here are the films that are elevating the future of the impact cinema genre and our world", said SIMA Founder and Executive Director Daniela Kon. 35 films move on to the final judging round. These unique documentaries spotlight stories from 21 countries, including Afghanistan, Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Jordan, Liberia, Mexico, Pakistan, South Africa, Sweden, Tanzania, Ukraine, UK, and the USA.

The winners will be announced on February 9, 2016 and showcased in Los Angeles at Skirball Cultural Center from April through August 2016. More information about the selection process, jury and competition is available on the SIMA website.

SIMA Finalists: Documentary Features and Shorts

CROCODILE GENNADIY | Director: Steve Hoover | Producer: Danny Yourd | Ukraine

DESERT MIGRATION | Director: Daniel F. Cardone | Producer: Marc Smolowitz | USA

DREAMCATCHER | Director: Kim Longinotto | Producers: Lisa Stevens & Teddy Leifer | USA

FRAME BY FRAME | Director & Producers: Alexandria Bombach & Mo Scarpelli | Afghanistan

OMO CHILD: THE RIVER AND THE BUSH | Director: John Rowe | Producers: Tyler Rowe & John Rowe | Ethiopia

SALAM NEIGHBOR | Director: Zach Ingrasci & Chris Temple | Producers: Salam Darwaza & Mohab Khattab | Jordan

SOUTHERN RITES | Director: Gillian Laub | Producers: Josh Alexander & Gillian Laub | USA

TELL SPRING NOT TO COME THIS YEAR | Director: Saeed Taji Farouky & Michael McEvoy | Producers: Michael McEvoy, Saeed Taji Farouky, & Elizabeth C Jones | Afghanistan

THE HAND THAT FEEDS | Directors & Producers: Rachel Lears and Robin Blotnick | USA

THE TRIALS OF SPRING | Director: Gini Reticker | Producer: Beth Levison | Egypt

TOMORROW WE DISAPPEAR | Director & Producer: Jimmy Goldblum | India

THE TRUE COST | Director: Andrew Morgan | Producer: Michael Ross | USA

BURDEN OF PEACE | Director: Joey Boink | Producers: Bart Voorsluis & Annemiek Munneke | Guatemala

A NEW PATH | Director & Producer: Gregory Walsh | India

BREAK IN | Director & Producer: Mikel Aristregi & José Bautista | Cambodia

BROKEN LANDSCAPE | Director: Michael T. Miller | Producer: Sean Peoples | India

JUANITA | Director: Ximena Amescua Cuenca | Producer: Graduate Culture and Media Program NYU | Mexico

NEFERTITI’S DAUGHTERS | Director: Mark Nickolas | Producers: Mark Nickolas, Jean Ferreri & Ramy Francis | Egypt

SEEDING FEAR | Director: Craig Jackson | Producer: Neil Young | USA

TASHI AND THE MONK | Director & Producer: Andrew Hinton | India

TRANSIT ZONE | Director & Producer: Frederik Subei | France

TUNING THE STUDENT MIND | Director: Chelsea Richer | Producer: Una Jackman | USA

VOICES FROM THE SEA | Director: Álvaro Farías | Producer: Amaro Gómez-Pablo | Chile

SIMA Finalists: Impact Videos

16/6 | Director: Nicolas Cuellas | Producers: Alejandro Pacheco & Jonathan Stack | Haiti

Producers: WaterAid | India

GIRLS IN CONTROL – TANZANIA | Director: Mark van Luyk | Producer: Judith Madigan | Tanzania

#ISURVIVEDEBOLA: FODAY, LIBERIA | Director: Morgana Wingard | Producers: Sean Southey & Meesha Brown | Liberia

THE MAHOYO PROJECT | Directors: Moira Ganley, Farah Yusuf, MyNa Do & Gustav Nord
Producers: Mahoyo & Flip-Flop Interactive | Sweden & South Africa

MEN BUY SEX | Director: Alice Russell | Producers: Gemma Atkinson & Fred Grace | UK

MOTHER’S CRY | Director & Producer: Lisa Russell | USA

NATURE NEEDS YOU | Director & Producer: Mark Pearce | Australia

RECLAIMING PAKISTAN | Director: Lisa Donato | Producer: Sparkle Motion Films | Pakistan

RIGHT TO IDENTITY | Director: Line Hadsbjerg | Producer: Pep Bonet | Tanzania

RIO EU AMO EU CUIDO | Director: Eduardo Hunter Moura | Producers: L. Freitas, L. Nunes, M. Bentes, P. Coelho, F. Bousfield, G. Arcanjo, G. Pina, M. Flores & N. White | Brazil

TEA CONSENT | Director: Rachel Brian | Producer: RockstarDinosaurPiratePrincess | USA

About SIMA

The Social Impact Media Awards (SIMA) hosts a unique international film competition & awards dedicated to showcasing exceptional documentaries that promote social justice and diverse voices from across the globe. Now in its third year, SIMA has grown to become an international film program and collection, curating and distributing the best international impact cinema productions. Through the annual awards and year-round film programs, SIMA provides a catalyst for these important works, and serves as a film reserve for screening partners worldwide.

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