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Rasha Salti Appointed as New Head of La Lucarne at ARTE


ARTE's documentary slot 'La Lucarne', which was introduced by Luciano Rigolini 20 years ago, will be managed by a new head of programme. Film curator and freelance writer Rasha Salti will take charge of all affairs related to managing La Lucarne's programme at the Franco-German broadcaster.

New head of La Lucarne: Rasha Salti
Photo credit: Christoph Terhechte

Among documentary professionals and ARTE audiences, La Lucarne is perhaps best known for it's dedication to experimental and poetic documentaries that defy the mainstream. La Lucarne allows filmmakers to take liberties in style and format that few other broadcasters would support. This makes La Lucarne a platform for alternative and sometimes even radical approaches to filmmaking. 20 years after its introduction by Luciano Rigolini, successor Rasha Salti will continue the legacy of the famed slot while also aiming to expand its scope and reach.

"I feel a strong desire to show films from everywhere. But there's also my urge to make La Lucarne more known throughout the world. Like bringing it to Moma (New York), Tate Modern (London) and Centre Simone-de-Beauvoir (Paris). I'm convinced that the films of La Lucarne will have an extraordinarily positive reception in certain emerging scenes such as in Bombay, Delhi and Kenya. La Lucarne has been around for 20 years now and that's normally the age where we let go of the family to reach out and meet the world", said Rasha Salti in a statement.

The literal translation of the french word Lucarne means 'small window' or 'porthole'. This 'small window' can be interpreted as a gap, or even a crack or fissure. La Lucarne describes itself as a documentary format that deals with gaps in our reality and allows for delving into alternate realities. It offers topics off the beaten path, featuring subject areas that let viewers take a closer look beneath the surface of our reality. With its late night feature La Lucarne, ARTE offers one of the last remaining slots in television that showcases exquisite works of international documentary cinema.

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