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EDN Announces Selected Projects for Docs in Thessaloniki 2017


EDN - European Documentary Network announces the final selection of projects to take part in the five-day pitching forum "Docs in Thessaloniki" from 3-7 March 2017. Docs in Thessaloniki consists of a five-day program, where the selected documentary projects will be developed, re-written and pitched to a panel of international financiers. For a select group of top-projects a newly developed outreach programme offers an opportunity to create outreach strategies, optimise distribution plans and enhance audience engagement.

Still from Lost in Face
by Valentin Riedl (CORSO Film, Germany)

Out of nearly 100 submitted projects for Docs in Thessaloniki 2017, EDN has now announced the final selection of 21 documentary projects that will participate in the next edition of EDN's pitching forum which will take place during the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival in March. This year's projects take us on a journey from the Mediterranean Sea, where activists fight to recover forgotten victims of the refugee crises, all the way to the Ukraine, where the first post-Chernobyl generation is again confronted with the fateful events that unfolded in 1986. Further stops take us back to the day when Lehman Brothers went bankrupt, revealing the real story behind the most severe economic crisis of the 21st century, while other projects delve into contemporary political and social issues that deeply moved societies around the globe in recent years.

The EDN team looks forward to Docs in Thessaloniki with an exciting variety of projects to be developed and pitched to financiers from renowned companies and institutions from around the world. The prominent line-up of financiers includes commissioners and experts from PBS/POV, ARTE GEIE, YLE, IKONdocs, ERT, SVT, Visible Film, Currenttime.TV and Films Transit.

The following projects have been selected to take part in Docs in Thessaloniki 2017:

Children of Mafia | D: Sophia Luvarà | P: Iris Lammertsma, Boudewijn Koole | Witfilm, The Netherlands

Farewell to Music | D/P: Cathal Ó Cuaig | Rúnda Productions, Ireland

Heartsoap | D: Balazs Simonyi | P: Balazs Simonyi, Laszlo Jozsa | Speak Easy Project, Hungary

Here We Move, Here We Groove| D: Sergej Kreso | P: Harmen Jalvingh | KeyDocs, The Netherlands

I'm still here | D: Petra Adick | P: Nima Sarvestani | NimaFilm AB, Sweden

Inside Lehman Brothers | P: Jennifer Deschamps | KM France

Karlag | D/P: Mikael Strandberg, Theo Maximillian Goble | Explorer Mikael Strandberg, Sweden

Lost in Face | D: Valentin Riedl | P: Erik Winker | CORSO Film, Germany

Love is not an Orange | D: Otilia Babara | P: Hanne Phlypo | Clin d’oeil films, Belgium

Magnitsky. Act II | D: Andrei Nekrasov | P: Torstein Grude | Piraya Film, Norway

Our Special Birthday | D: Adrian Pîrvu | P: Alexandru Solomon, Ada Solomon, Carla Fotea | Hi Film Productions, Romania

re-kən-ˌsi-lē-ˈā-shən | P: Jamie Bourque, Patti Olson | Square Pixel Inc., Canada

Soora | D/P: Mina Keshavarz | MinDoc Film Productions, Iran

Speak so I can see you | D/P: Marija Stojnić | BILBOKE, Serbia

The Age of Water | D: Isabel Alcántara | P: Alex Tondowski | Tondowski Films, Germany

The Ambush | D: Tanya Doyle | P: Daniel Hegarty | Marmalade Films, Ireland

The Miracle of Almería | D: Moon Blaisse, Thomas Bellinck | P: Emmy Oost | Cassette for timescapes, Belgium

The Watchmen | D: Madeleine Leroyer | P: Valérie Montmartin | Little Big Story, France

Vasilis | D: Bingöl Elmas | P: Ender Yeşildağ | ESR Productions, Turkey

We Will Not Sell Our Future | D: Niki Velissaropoulou | P: Fanny Chrétien | La Boîte à Songes, France

When I Hear the Boats Whistle | D: Eden Shavit | P: Anastasiadis Alexis | Fabula Productions, Greece

About Docs in Thessaloniki

Docs in Thessaloniki is one of EDN's flagship pitching forums and a cost effective fast track to the European and international documentary market. The 5-day event allows participants to develop their projects, network with colleagues and pitch to financiers in a relaxed and constructive atmosphere. Moreover, a newly developed outreach programme offers project teams the opportunity to find new ways of reaching potential audiences. Docs in Thessaloniki has been launched in 2001 and has since been organized every year. The initiative is supported by Creative Europe MEDIA and takes place within the framework of the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival.

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