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EDN Members of the Month

In our monthly interview series "EDN Member of the Month", we focus on one of our many members to show both members in the spotlight and the diversity of the EDN membership group. Below you will find an overview of our previous EDN members of the month. Use the navigation bar below to display all Members of the Month for a specific year.


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Agnieszka Moody — Director Creative Europe Desk UK

EDN has talked to Agnieszka Moody about the work of the Creative Europe Desk and the possible consequences of the pending Brexit. Agnieszka Moody is the Director of Creative Europe Desk UK, and she is based at the BFI (British Film Institute) in London. Previously the director of MEDIA Desk UK, Agnieszka has helped over 400 British companies to ... [read more].

EDN has among other things talked to Christian Falch about his latest documentary Golden Dawn Girls, which is in the competition for feature length documentaries at IDFA this month and the new company UpNorth Film. Christian Falch is educated in TV Production from Idefagskolen in Tønsberg, Norway. In 2003 he launched ... [read more].

After graduating from Art History at the Catholic University in Louvain, Belgium, Biljana Tutorov studied Film Anthropology at Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Paris, and Ethnographic Film with Jean Rouch. Parallel to this, she studied Drama at Ecole Internationale de Thêatre Jacque Lecoq in Paris ... [read more].

Melanie Rozencwajg — Co-Founder & CEO of Archive Valley (France)

Melanie Rozencwajg studied at Goldsmith University and the Royal College of Art in London, where she has extensively explored the subjects of archives and innovation. This passion was the genesis of ARTCHIVIUMlab, an interactive design studio that she co-founded in 2010. She has worked with international clients ... [read more].

Christian Popp — Producer & Co-Founder YUZU Productions (France)

Christian Popp, born in Romania, is a German-French independent producer who started his career as a commissioning editor at ARTE (1997), first in Strasbourg and then in Berlin. He became a producer 12 years ago. Since then he produced for Interscience film, Artline Films and Docdays Productions. In 2012 he founded YUZU Productions, based in Montreuil, France, together with Fabrice Estève ... [read more].

Adam Papliński — Founder & Manager Pitch the Doc (Poland)

Adam Papliński has been involved in various fields within the film industry for over 25 years. He has worked as assistant director, production manager and producer for feature films, TV spots and documentaries. In 2010-2015, in the framework of Academy of Documentary Arts (ADA) he coordinated the international documentary training and pitching event in Poland ... [read more].

Steven Seidenberg — Head of International Co-Production, LIC (China)

In his 30+ years in documentary television Steven Seidenberg has been a producer, director, head of development & scriptwriter. Steven has wide experience in all documentary genres. As a producer he has worked in history programming (e.g. The Trial of George Washington, Hitler’s Death, and Napoleon’s Obsession) ... [read more].

Pauline Mazenod — CEO, Windrose (France, Germany)

Pauline Mazenod is the founder and CEO of Windrose. She holds degrees in political science, music, international cultural management and business administration, and has more than 15 years international experience in the cultural and film sector. Windrose distributes high quality ... [read more].

Victor Correal — CEO, GuideDoc (Spain)

Victor Correal is the founder and CEO of GuideDoc, an online streaming service for curated documentaries, with new films made available each week. Victor is also himself active in filmmaking and has among other films produced Little World (Marcel Barrena, 2013) and a number of TV shows primarily for Spanish TV ... [read more].