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EAO publishes report on TV and VOD market in Russia


The European Audiovisual Observatory has published a new report – The TV Market and Video on Demand in the Russian Federation.

Only 3,8% of documentaries on Russian TV are foreign

The main objective of the report on Russian TV and VOD is to analyze the origin of the content broadcast by the main Russian TV channels. The main conclusions from the report are:  

  • •   TV channels with federal coverage still lead the market and 90% of Russian viewers watch them regularly
  • •   77% of all content broadcast by leading channels is of national origin, 23% from outside Russia. European imports represent around 6 % of the total content.
  • •   60 different VoD services currently operate in Russia.

The dominance of terrestrial channels has always been one of the main characteristics of Russian television. Due to the federal broadcasting system being founded and supplied by the state, the leading channels are able to broadcast all over the country. In total in 2012, according to the data of the Federal Antimonopoly Service, there existed 21 federal TV channels. Almost 50% of federal channels belong to the must-carry package. This means that all TV operators had to include these channels into the must-carry package and broadcast them to consumers for free. 

As for the breakdown of national domestic and foreign content broadcast by the leading channels compared to the total broadcasting time, it has remained constant for the last 2 years in terms of both the total volume and individual channels. In 2012 the national content broadcast by the TV channels which were analyzed corresponded to 77% of the total content broadcast whereas the foreign content was 23%.

In summer 2013 there existed about 60 online VOD resources, which contained licensed content. 52% of all resources have both national and foreign content in their libraries. 45% of all resources deal only with national content, 88% of which contain video platforms affiliated with TV channels.

On the occasion of the publishing of this report the Observatory also added the Russian Federation to its MAVISE television database. This currently holds information on 270 television channels and 74 on demand services established in Russia. 

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The European Audiovisual Observatory report on Russian TV and VOD can be downloaded in English here.

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