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Projects pitched at "Lisbon Docs 2017":

Beauty of the Beast
Director: Anna Nemes
Producer: Agnes Horvath-Szabo
BULB Cinema, Hungary

Brides of Nepal
Director: Tiina Madisson
Producer: Kirsi Mattila
Icebreaker Productions, Finland

Circus Movements
Director: TBA
Producer: Mário Gajo
Filmes do Gajo, Portugal


Fearless Dreams
Director: Julien Malassigne
Producer: Jean-Baptiste Fribourg
La Société des Apaches, France

Fixing Morgan
Director: Cecilie Bandeira
Producers: Krisztina Meggyes, Marianna Vas
Match Frame Productions, Hungary

For Whom The Bell Tolls
Director: Pedro Ramalho
Producer: TBA
Até Ao Fim do Mundo, Portugal

Director: Claire Sanford
Producer: Adam Pajot Gendron
Tortuga Films Inc., Canada

In Praise of Love
Director: Tamara Drakulic
Producer: Jelena Angelouski
Monkey Production, Serbia

In the Shadow of the Woods
Director: Daniel Dlouhy
Producer: Jürgen Karasek, Stephan Podest
Le Groupe Soleil Film & Multimediaproduktion GmbH, Austria

Into the Wild
Director: Anson Hartford
Producer: Hugh Hartford
Banyak Films, United Kingdom

Kapten Kiddo
Directors: Finn Vinter, Kristina Levin Vinter
Producers: Hanna Hannerz
Nordantill, Sweden

Mama Kuti
Director: Mark McLoughlin
Producer: Marcella O'Connor
Bang Bang Teo, Ireland

Director: Fran Guijarro
Producer: Angelos Tsaousis
Free Range Puppies, USA

Natalie 123
Director: Simón Revilla
Producers: William Johansson
Laika Film & Television AB, Sweden

Operation Globe
Director: Ariadna Seuba Serra
Producers: Guillermo F. Florez, Katja Draaijer
Rolling Basis Films, Spain

Shit Happens
Directors: Rubén Abruña, Marcel Kolvenbach
Producer: Valentin Thurn
Thurn Films, Germany

Stalin Today
Director: Ketevan Nozadze
Producer: Ketevan Nozadze
Studio Ka, Georgia

The Economic Space Agency
Director: Mette Reitzel
Producer: Anson Hartford
Banyak Films, United Kingdom

The L-Team
Director: Andrius Lekavicius
Producer: TBA
360 laipsniu filmai, Lithuania

The Science Dilemma
Directors: Victor Luengo
Producer: Pablo De La Chica
Salon Indien Films, Spain

Trying Hard to Breathe
Director: Marco Speroni
Producer: Federico Schiavi
Nacne Production, Italy

Veggie Revolution
Director: Bárbara Tavares
Producers: Bárbara Tavares, Frandu Almeida
Bodhgaya Films, Portugaly

Wild City
Director: Olga Pakina
Producer: TBA
One Production, Poland