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Projects pitched at "Docs in Thessaloniki 2017":


Farewell to Music
Director: Cathal Ó Cuaig
Producer: Cathal Ó Cuaig
Rúnda Productions, Ireland

Here We Move, Here We Groove
Director: Sergej Kreso
Producer: Harmen Jalvingh
KeyDocs, The Netherlands

Inside Lehman Brothers
Directors: Jennifer Deschamps, Sylvain Pak
Producer: Jennifer Deschamps
KM, France

Lost in Face
Director: Valentin Riedl
Producer: Erik Winker
CORSO Film, Germany

Love is not an Orange
Director: Otilia Babara
Producer: Hanne Phlypo
Clin d’oeil films, Belgium

Our Special Birthday
Director: Adrian Pîrvu
Producer: Alexandru Solomon, Ada Solomon, Carla Fotea
Hi Film Productions, Romania

Directors: Dave Benson
Producers: Jamie Bourque, Patti Olson
Square Pixel Inc., Canada

Speak So I Can See You
Director: Marija Stojnić
Producer: Marija Stojnić

Sons of the Mafia
Director: Sophia Luvarà
Producers: Iris Lammertsma & Jantien Ekkes
Witfilm, The Netherlands

Take Me Home
Director: Balazs Simonyi
Producer: Balazs Simonyi & Laszlo Jozsa
Speak Easy Project, Hungary

The Age of Water
Director: Isabel Alcántara
Producer: Alex Tondowski
Tondowski Films, Germany

The Ambush
Director: Tanya Doyle
Producer: Daniel Hegarty
Marmalade Films, Ireland

The Miracle of Almería
Directors: Moon Blaisse, Thomas Bellinck
Producer: Emmy Oost
Cassette for timescapes, Belgium

The Watchmen
Director: Madeleine Leroyer
Producer: Valérie Montmartin
Little Big Story, France

Director: Bingöl Elmas
Producer: Ender Yeşildağ
ESR Productions, Turkey

We Will Not Sell Our Future
Director: Niki Velissaropoulou
Producer: Fanny Chrétien
La Boîte à Songes, France


When I Hear the Boats Whistle
Director: Eden Shavit
Producer: Anastasiadis Alexis
Fabula Productions, Greece