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Projects pitched at "Docs in Thessaloniki 2015":


Cities for Life
Director: Francesc Relea
Producers: Marta Castañé, Isabel Jubert
What's Up Doc, Arena Comunicación, Spain

For the love of a man
Director: Rinku Kalsy
Producer: Harmen Jalvingh
KeyDocs, Netherlands

Hobbyhorse Sisters - The secret life of a thousand girls
Director: Selma Vilhunen
Producers: Elli Toivoniemi, Selma Vilhunen, Tiina-Mari Pitkänen, Therese Högberg
Tuffi Films & Bautafilm, Finland/Sweden

I Am Golden Karen
Directors: Karen Maui Druez, Preben Verledens
Producer: Steven Dhoedt
Visualantics, Belgium

I Had A Dream
Director: Claudia Tosi
Producer: Nathalie Combe
COSMOGRAPHE Productions, France, Italy

Nine Rocks
Director: Tor Nygård Kolding
Producer: Nynne Selin Eidnes
First Lady Film, Denmark

No Country for Great Men
Director: Pawel Ferdek
Producers: Marta Habior, Marta Lewandowska
No Sugar Films, Poland

Outside of Prison - A Diary of a Family
Director: Pau Ortiz
Producer: Maria Nova Lopez

Same Same But Different

Directors: Benjamin Cantu, Nils Bökamp
Producer: Stefano Strocchi
Boekamp & Kriegsheim GmbH, Germany

Tahrir Generation
Director: Pauline Beugnies
Producer: Laurence Buelens
Rayuela Productions, Belgium

Technology Refugees: A Very modern Warfare
Director & Producer: Bianca Barker
Steadipix Productions, UK

The Escapist
Director: Trond Kvig Andreassen
Producers: Natalya Sarch, Vilje Kathrine Hagen, Sigve Endresen, Thomas Robsahm
Motlys, Norway

The Forest in me
Director: Rebecca E. Marshall
Producers: Vasilis Chrysanthopoulos, Kasia Skibinska, Nicole Stott, Mark Johnston
plays2place productions, Greece, UK

The Grenade Man
Director: Karianne Berge
Producer: Carsten Aanonsen
Indie Film, Norway

The Last Russian Orca
Directors: Nikita Tikhonov-Rau, Gayane Petrosyan, Olga Arlauskas
Producers: Nikita Tikhonov-Rau, Gayane Petrosyan
The Artvideo Studio Ltd, The Baikal Cinema Film, Russia

The Pentcho’s Daughter
Director: Stefano Cattini
Producers: Lara Rongoni, Aurelio Laino
Sonne Film, Mosaic Films, Italy, UK

Director: Balazs Simonyi
Producers: Laszlo Jozsa, Balazs Simonyi
Speak Easy Project, Hungary

Who killed Che Guevara?
Director: Margarita Ramon
Producer: Margarita Ramon, Don Young
Terra Incognita Productions, Canada

Wondering Photographer
Director: Tamara Erde
Producer: Sandrine Bagarry
Big Bang Films, France