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EDN Umbrella Stand at Sunny Side of the Doc 2019

The EDN Umbrella Stand

June 24 - 27, 2019. La Rochelle, France

EDN will this year again be in charge of an umbrella stand at the international documentary market Sunny Side of the Doc. EDN will facilitate the participating stand members with international network contacts and individual consultations. Members of EDN and the Nordic Delegation can save up to €75 on accreditations when participating in Sunny Side of the Doc under the EDN umbrella.

The Sunny Side of the Doc market offers you an opportunity to develop your international network and to learn more about the international documentary market. It is a meeting spot for documentary professionals where you can take part in various forums, case studies and screenings, apart from finding financing for your next project.

About the EDN Umbrella Stand

The EDN Umbrella Stand will be located in the AGORA area, stand number A23 (please note: the stand number has recently been updated. Stand A23 is the new location of the EDN Umbrella).

  • EDN will help the participating producers network & match-make with other documentary professionals and potential financiers. The stand will also be equipped with meeting facilities for EDN participants to have meetings and appointments at the stand. During the whole market EDN will offer a consultation and information service to the producers and filmmakers at the stand, providing feedback on potential financiers and international collaborators.


    • When registering with EDN you will also get:

    •   -  Enhanced visibility on the market at the stand
    •   -  Special attention and networking opportunity with EDN’s expertise
    •   -  Help and support from the Sunny Side experts

Participants of The EDN Umbrella Stand

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A log in is available for all EDN members.

Name Company Country Nordic Delegation
Valentín Romero 3BOXMEDIA e.K. Germany
Johanna Trass Allfilm Estonia
Katrin Fürnkranz Autlook Filmsales Austria
Trond Jacobsen Bivrost Film Norway Yes
Catherine Le Clef CAT&Docs France
Kristian Karlsen Ekkofilm As Norway Yes
Amy Freshwater Espresso Media International UK
Marina-Evelina Cracana Film And Tell Sweden Yes
Nefise Ozkal Lorentzen Integral Film AS Norway Yes
Lorenzo Cioffi Ladoc Italy
Pamela Martínez Martínez Limonero Films UK
Catherine Lurie-Alt Luria Media UK
Mari Monrad Vistven Medieoperatørene Norway Yes
Alejandro Enríquez García Mondotropo Spain
Benedikte Danielsen Norsk Fjernsyn AS Norway Yes
Minna Dufton Raggari Films Finland Yes
David Cornwall Scorpion Tv UK
Barbara Orton True TV & Film UK
Marc-Henri Wajnberg Wajnbrosse Productions Belgium
Virgilio Ferreira West Coast Films Portugal

Talks at the EDN Umbrella Stand

We have planned a number of informal talks (round table) at the EDN Umbrella Stand. These talks are organized for members of the Nordic Delegation. Other Umbrella Stand participants are of course welcome to listen-in but please keep in mind that the main audience for the talks are our Nordic stand participants. We currently have the following sessions confirmed:

French Production Landscape: Christian Popp (Yuzu Productions), Monday, 24 June, 3:00 - 3:30pm

French Distribution Landscape: Robert Salvestrin (Lucky You), Wednesday, 26 June, 4:30 - 5 pm

An additional session with a French Broadcaster is planned for Wednesday morning at 09.30 (pending confirmation). All sessions will take place at the EDN Umbrella Stand (A23).

Applying for the EDN Umbrella Stand

All members of EDN can participate in the EDN Umbrella Stand, priority will be given to producers who are not already part of any other national, regional or institutional umbrella stand. Nordisk Panorama and EDN will collaborate on the Nordic delegation going to Sunny Side of the Doc. Nordic documentary professionals coming to the market in 2019 will be part of the EDN Umbrella Stand.

When participating in The EDN Umbrella Stand you will be offered:

•  Participation under EDN Umbrella: €360 + tax (instead of €420). This is a 4-day visitor pass — if you are a newcomer/first-time participant, this pass allows for submitting one project for the pitch selection.

•  Participation under EDN Umbrella + commissioned project/project in development: €485 + tax (instead of €560). This is the option to choose if you are not a newcomer and planning to submit a project.

for detailed instructions on how to register please visit our EDN Member Discount Section (EDN log-in required)

  • When registering with EDN you will also get:

  •   -  Enhanced visibility on the market at the stand
  •   -  Special attention and networking opportunity with EDN’s expertise
  •   -  Help and support from the Sunny Side experts

The registration deadline for being included in the printed market catalogue (distributed on the market) is 22 May 2019. Registrations past the official deadline will not appear in printed catalogues but will be available online. For further information about the catalogue, please contact: .

The submission deadline for the call for projects for SSD is 19 April 2019.

Save up to €75 on accreditations via our EDN member discount

EDN members apply for the EDN Umbrella Stand by getting an accreditation for Sunny Side of the Doc (SSD). Special accreditation links are available in the EDN Member Discounts section. EDN members can save up to €75 on their accreditation for Sunny Side of the Doc when participating in the EDN Umbrella Stand.

To be eligible for the SSD discount you have to be an EDN member. In order to join EDN, please click here.

Location of the EDN Umbrella Stand

The EDN Umbrella Stand can be found in the AGORA area (stand number A23) at the SSD market. A floor plan including an overview of exhibitors can be found at the SSD website here.

Present from the EDN organisation will be:

  •   -  Flore Deroose, EDN Interim Director
  •   -  Jan Röfekamp, EDN Board Member
  •   -  Jörg Winkelmann, EDN Press & Communications Manager

EDN Networking Dinner

In connection with Sunny Side of the Doc, EDN will also be organizing an EDN Networking Dinner and all EDN members are invited to participate (registration required). More information about the dinner and details on how to sign up can be found here.

EDN Cocktail

We will also be hosting a cocktail at the EDN Umbrella Stand (stand no. A23). The cocktail will take place on Wednesday, 26 June, at 17:30. We look forward to welcoming market visitors for a drink at our stand in a nice and relaxed atmosphere.

EDN Contact:

Jörg Winkelmann