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Crossing Borders 2018 Part 1

July 28 - August 2, 2018. Taipei, Taiwan.

Crossing Borders is a training programme for documentary professionals in Europe and Asia looking to access the international documentary market. The programme has so far taken place in China (2010), Malaysia (2011, 2013 & 2017), Indonesia (2015) and South Korea (2012 & 2016). The deadline for submitting projects was 16 April 2018.

The Crossing Borders programme aims to bring together filmmakers and documentary experts from both Europe and Asia, who are highly motivated to collaborate with each other across national borders with the ambition to enter each other's markets both artistically and financially. Crossing Borders is organised by EDN and Documentary Campus, with this year's edition being presented in partnership with Fox Networks Group Asia Pacific Limited, Taiwan Branch.

This year's edition of Crossing Borders consists of four sessions: a development workshop kicking off the programme, a separate online session focusing on story development and trailers (scheduled for September), a pitch training workshop taking place in October in Leipzig, Germany (also see Crossing Borders Part 2) and a local workshop and pitching for Taiwanese projects, taking place in Taipei in December..

To be eligible for Crossing Borders you either have to be an Asian resident with a company based in an Asian country or be a European with a European company address. Projects must either take place in Asia or have an Asian angle / relevance. The language of the workshop is English and all applications must be in English.


• Story development workshop incl. new media and VR focus: 28 July - 2 August | Taipei, Taiwan
• Expert consultation sessions — September | Online
Pitch training workshop incl. presentation to international financiers: 23–28 October | Leipzig, Germany
• Local workshop and pitching for Taiwanese projects: 8-9 December | Taipei, Taiwan

List of Confirmed Workshop Trainers

  • Charlene Shih, Editor, United States
  • Chiara Bellati, Executive Producer/Director and Showrunner, Singapore
  • Chris Hale, Executive Producer, Germany
  • Chris Humphrey, Head of Studies Crossing Borders / Director of Production, A&E Networks Asia, Singapore
  • Elina Kewitz, Managing Director, NewDocs, Germany
  • Lise-Anne Stott, Director, Business & Legal Affairs, International Originals, AsiaNetflix, Singapore
  • Louis Boswell, CEO, Casbaa, Singapore
  • Lydia Lubon, Executive Producer, Malaysia
  • Steven Seidenberg, Head of International Production, LIC-BCBC, China/UK

Open Media Day Speakers

  • Chiara Bellati, Executive Producer/Director and Showrunner, Singapore
  • Roger Cheng, Executive Producer/Director, Taiwan
  • Lionel Chok, Creative Technologist, iMMERSIVELY, Singapore


Below you will find the first round of selected projects for the 2018 edition of Crossing Borders. Please note that this list does not yet include the Taiwanese projects, which are scheduled to be announced in mid July.


Directors: Balint Revesz & Tanaji Dasgupta
Producers: Agnes Horvath-Szabo, Balint Revesz, Viktoria Szabo, Andras Pires Muhi
Gallivant Film/ELF Pictures, UK/Hungary

My Digital Nomad
Director: Kata Oláh
Producer: Zsolt Haluska
Makabor Studio, Hungary

Alpha Beta Gamma
Director/Producer: Dragosh Turea
Parmis Film Studio, Moldova

Dress - Nazi Cult in Asia
Director: Alexander Dluzak

Olympic Halftime
Director: Haruna Honcoop
Producer: Vit Janecek
D1 film s.r.o., Czech Republic

Get Settled!
Director: Karin Wegsjö
Producer: Fredrik Lange
Vilda Bomben Film AB, Sweden

A Minor Loss
Director/Producer: Pablo Chavanel
Co-producer: Polen Ly

Outlaw Ink
Director: Hyoe Yamamoto
Producer: Deborah Barillas
Vesuvius LLC, Japan

Bouncing for her Life
Director: Shashwati Talukdar
Producer: Anjali Panjabi
Marvi Films, Four Nine & a Half Pictures, Inc., India

Memoirs of Bokhara
Director: Daniel Lai
Producer: Steve Ching
Hong Kong

About Crossing Borders

Crossing Borders is an international training programme launched in 2010 by Documentary Campus and the EDN – European Documentary Network. It brings together filmmakers and documentary experts from both Europe and Asia, who are highly motivated to collaborate with each other across national borders, and have the ambition to enter each other’s markets both artistically and financially.

Through one-to-one sessions with recognized professionals and trainers from around the world, the programme offers creative and practical support for targeting a project for the international market. The aim is to create an invaluable network between Europe and Asia and to furnish the participants with the necessary knowledge and contacts for their future work on an international level.



Crossing Borders is an initiative by:

In partnership with:

Fox Networks Group Asia Pacific Limited, Taiwan Branch

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Cecilie Bolvinkel