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Twelve for the Future 2016/2017 - Part II

January 24-25, 2017. Helsinki, Finland.

Twelve for the Future is a project driven co-production workshop for young Nordic documentary producers and directors. The two-part workshop provides the network and knowledge to work professionally within the Nordic documentary sector.

The main focus of this second part of the workshop is project presentation and meetings with a selected group of Nordic financiers.

On the first day of the workshop participants catch up on the development of the participating projects since the first workshop part in September and they finalise their individual project presentations.

The second day is a full day of individual meetings with representatives from all the Nordic TV channels and film institutes. The participants receive useful feedback on their projects, create a network among the Nordic financiers and make themselves better known as filmmakers.

Twelve for the Future has for many newcomers in the field of documentary filmmaking proved to establish a useful network among colleagues and financiers.

Among earlier Twelve for the Future projects have been:

· Pine Ridge, directed by Anna Eborn and produced by Katja Adomeit for Adomeit Film, Denmark

· Ai Wei Wei – the Fake Case, directed by Andreas Johnsen and produced by Katrine A Sahlstrøm for Rosforth and Danish Documentary, Denmark

· A Separation, directed by Karin Ekberg and produced by David Herdies for Momento Film, Sweden

· Daddy's Girl, directed by Melisa Üneri and produced by Mika Ronkainen for Klaffi Production, Finland

· The Grenade Man, directed by Karianne Berge and produced by Carsten Aanonsen for Indie Film, Norway

The second sesssion of Twelve for the Future is held in conjunction with DocPoint - Helsinki Documentary Film Festival, which takes place from 23-29 January 2017.

Financiers in Helsinki

The following financiers from the Nordic TV channels and Film Institutes are confirmed so far, more names will be announced here as soon as possible:

Tore Tomter, NRK, Norway

Lars Løge, NFI, Norway

Cecilia Lidin, Danish Film Institute, Denmark

Flemming Hedegaard Larsen, DR K, Denmark

Charlotte Hellström, SVT, Sweden

Juan Pablo Libossart, SFI, Sweden

Anna Birgersson-Dahlberg, UR, Sweden

Outi Rousu, AVEK, Finland

Jenny Westergård, Yle, Finland

Erkko Lyytinen, Yle, Finland

Piia Nokelainen, The Finnish Film Foundation, Finland

Participating projects 2016/2017

For the workshop programme 2016-2017 the following projects have been selected:


A Friendship — Michael Staal Dinesen & Kenneth Andreasen, Denmark

Between Sisters — Sunniva Sundby, Anne Silje Bø & Natalya Sarch, Norway

Blackout — Jan Christian Frugård & Therese Naustdal, Norway

Future Remains — Anna-Karin Grönroos & Oskar Forstén, Finland

Grannie Dragon — Harpa Fönn Sigurjónsdóttir & Eva Sigurdardottir, Iceland

Caroline Troedsson Film 1 — Caroline Troedsson & Ove Rishøj Jensen, Sweden

Petra & Peter — Johanna Aust, Sweden

Pink is the Camouflage of Space — Fredrik Myrtell & Charlotte Strömberg Eliasson, Sweden

The Child — Iselin Engan & Gudmundur Gunnarsson, Norway

The Hypnotist vs. The Republic — Arthur Franck & Oskar Forstén, Finland

Wheels of Freedom — Aleksi Puranen & Pasi Hakkio, Finland


EDN Contact:

Cecilie Bolvinkel




Twelve for the Future is made possible by the support from the Danish Film Institute, the Swedish Film Institute, The Norwegian Film Institute and AVEK.