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EDN 'Media and Society' Meeting at IDFA 2017

November 19, 2017. 11:30 - 13:00 & 14:00 - 16:00 | Zuilenzaal, Compagnietheater, Kloveniersburgwal 50 , 1012 KD Amsterdam

EDN invites all professionals working in documentary and media related fields to participate in the 'Media & Society' initiative designed to support the European documentary sector and set out a blueprint for a sustainable future. The project, entitled 'Media and Society: European Documentary in a Changing Media Landscape – Bringing Together Policy and Practice', brings together academics, documentary filmmakers, key documentary organisations, media policy makers and a wide range of media stakeholders. The first of several "Media and Society" meetings will take place at this year's edition of IDFA in Amsterdam. The session is open to the public but confirming your participation beforehand is required.

The documentary sector has experienced fundamental changes and disruption over the past decades. The post-Internet media environment with its new platforms and players has increasingly undermined traditional models of business and financing. In order to take stock and strengthen the role of documentary filmmaking in the European media domain, EDN has launched the Media & Society initiative. This will involve the sector’s key stakeholders in order to create and publish a policy document (or ‘White Book’) that will propose recommendations for the future. The final document will be presented at IDFA 2018 in Amsterdam.

The project takes the form of a fact-finding, analysing, discussion and policy-making event that will run over a period of one year. It will be a continuous process for which working groups will be established. We will arrange for “meeting moments” during which professionals can exchange information with the working group members and discuss their work and “presentation moments” during which the results will be shared with the different players in the media, the policy makers and the press.

Information about the venue of the meeting during IDFA and further updates will be published on this page in the coming weeks.

Project Presentation and Roadmap

You can download the PDF "Media and Society" project presentation incl. roadmap here:
Media and Society: European Documentary in a Changing Media Landscape (PDF, 700kb)

How to Participate

The meeting sessions of the initiative are open to the public but participants are required to confirm their participation beforehand. If you're interested in taking part, please send an email to briefly confirming your participation so that we can create a guestlist. Please make sure to send your confirmation at least one week prior to the meeting/session you'd like to join.

Overview of Planned Meeting Sessions

A number of "meeting moments" will be organized during major festivals. These will be dual in design: one part should allow the workgroup members to physically meet and discuss the on-going work. The second part should be of an informational nature, making sure that the documentary community is made aware of the work that is being done and has the opportunity to react and offer input to the subjects that are the focus of the discussion. These meeting sessions will take place at the following events:

1. IDFA/FORUM — Amsterdam (November 2017 & November 2018)
2. EFM DOCSALON — Berlin (February 2018)
3. CPH/DOX — Copenhagen (March 2018)

Overview of Planned Presentations

Two presentation sessions have been scheduled during industry events at locations where we can expect press attention and the presence of main industry persons. Organising them during these professional meetings should also allow a wide group of documentary filmmakers to be present, without having to spend extra time and money. The presentations will take place at the following events:

1. MARCHE DU FILM — Cannes (May 2018): Presentation of the first draft of the results
2. SHEFFIELD DOC/FEST — Sheffield (June 2018): Presentation of the final results

Partners and Supporters

The initiative "Media and Society: European Documentary in a Changing Media Landscape" is organized in collaboration with the following partners:



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Paul Pauwels

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