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Lisbon Docs 2017: New Gateways to Your Audience

At Lisbon Docs you will gain a great
network of international colleagues

October 15-21, 2017. Lisbon, Portugal.

The 2017 edition of Lisbon Docs will concentrate on strategies to create top-quality documentary projects and on how to deliver them to existing and new audiences. If you are a documentary filmmaker with an international project in development, Lisbon Docs is the place to be.
Lisbon Docs is a reference for professionals who seek financing and co-production opportunities for documentary projects. The submission deadline for this year's edition of Lisbon Docs was 30 July 2017.

The 18th edition of Lisbon Docs will take place from 15 to 21 October 2017 at Culturgest in Lisbon, Portugal. At Lisbon Docs, participants will be introduced to the power of new players in the distribution and financing markets. The workshop sessions will focus on analyzing the content of the selected projects and on delivering advice about how to tell stories in a way that will allow filmmakers to find an audience without loosing their artistic integrity.

Lisbon Docs is open for all European documentary professionals and has a limited number of seats for participants coming from outside Europe. Submissions are accepted from professionals, who want to take part in an intense creative dialogue and development process as well as present their project to potential documentary financiers, European television channels and producers. In the past, Lisbon Docs has proven to be successful in pushing filmmakers into the international scene.

The Lisbon Docs Forum consists of two distinct working phases: the first part is a workshop during which the participants are accompanied by a team of experienced tutors in the development of their projects. The second part consists of two pitching sessions where the projects are presented to a panel of production and distribution professionals, potential co-producers and financiers. Attendance at both work phases is mandatory. Participants of Lisbon Docs will gain a great network of international colleagues and get unique opportunities to introduce their documentary projects to industry professionals.

Lisbon Docs Flyer: Click for larger version

Overview of Tutors and Financiers


Confirmed Tutors

Edda Bauman von Broen | Producer | Germany

Tracie Holder | Producer & Director | USA | Specialist in USA Funding

John Appel | Commissioning Editor & Director | The Netherlands

Thomas Ernst | Film Editor, Story Editor | Germany

Marta Andreu | Director | Spain

Graça Castanheira | Director | Portugal

Peter Jaeger | Jaeger Creative - Distribution, Financing & Marketing Consulting | Austria

Christian Popp | Producer Yuzu Productions | France

Confirmed Panel Members

Depi Vrettou | ERT S.A. (Broadcaster) | Greece

Floor Komen | EO/IKON (Broadcaster) | Netherlands

Robert Salvestrin | Lucky You (Distributor) | France

Mads B. Mikkelsen | CPH:DOX (Festival) | Denmark

Lawrence Elman | Yaddo (SVOD service) | UK

Anna Ferens | TVP (Broadcaster) | Poland

Katja Wildermuth | NDR (Broadcaster) | Germany

Axel Arnö | SVT (Broadcaster) | Sweden

Erkko Lyytinen | YLE (Broadcaster) | Finland

Patrizia Mancini | Slingshot Films (Sales Agent) | Italy

Philippa Kowarsky | Cinephil (Sales Agent) | Israel

Bilaal Hoosein | Al Jazeera English (Broadcaster) | Qatar

Selected International Projects:

BEAUTY OF THE BEAST | D: Agnes Horvath-Szabo | P: Anna Nemes | BULB Cinema | Hungary

BRIDES OF NEPAL | D: Kirsi Mattila | P: Tiina Madisson | Icebreaker Productions | Finland

FIXING MORGAN | D: Cecilie Bandeira | P: Krisztina Meggyes, Marianna Vas | Match Frame Productions | Hungary

HWANGSA | D: Claire Sanford | Canada

IN PRAISE OF LOVE | D: Tamara Drakulic | P: Jelena Angelouski | Monkey Production | Serbia

IN THE SHADOW OF THE WOODS | D: Daniel Dlouhy | P: Jürgen Karasek | Le Groupe Soleil Film & Multimediaproduktion GmbH | Austria

INTO THE WILD | D: Anson Hartford | P: Hugh Hartford | Banyak Films | United Kingdom

KAPTEN KIDDO | D: Finn Vinter, Kristina Levin Vinter | P: Hanna Hannerz | Nordantill | Sweden

LIKE HEROES | D: Julien Malassigne | P: Jean-Baptiste Fribourg | La Société des Apaches | France

MAMA KUTI | D: Mark McLoughlin | P: Marcella O'Connor | Bang Bang Teo | Ireland

MOSES | D: Fran Guijarro | P: Angelos Tsaousis | Free Range Puppies | USA

NATALIE 123 | D: Simón Revilla | P: William Johansson | Laika Film & Television AB | Sweden

OPERATION GLOBE | D: Ariadna Seuba Serra | P: Guillermo F. Florez, Katja Draaijer | Rolling Basis Films | Spain

SHIT HAPPENS | D: Rubén Abruña, Marcel Kolvenbach | P: Valentin Thurn | Thurn Films | Germany

STALIN TODAY | D: Ketevan Nozadze | P: Ketevan Nozadze | Studio Ka | Georgia

THE ECONOMIC SPACE AGENCY | D: Mette Reitzel | Banyak Films | United Kingdom

THE L-TEAM | D: Andrius Lekavicius | 360 laipsniu filmai | Lithuania

THE SCIENCE'S DILEMMA | D: Victor Luengo | P: Pablo De La Chica | Salon Indien Films | Spain

TRYING HARD TO BREATHE | D: Marco Speroni | Nacne Production | Italy

WILD CITY | P: Olga Pakina | One Production | Poland

Selected Portuguese Projects

CIRCUS MOVEMENTS | P: Mário Gajo  | Filmes do Gajo | Portugal

FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS | D: Pedro Ramalho | Até Ao Fim do Mundo | Portugal

VEGGIE REVOLUTION | D: Bárbara Tavares | P: Bárbara Tavares, Frandu Almeida | Bodhgaya Films | Portugal

Participating as an Observer

For the 2017 edition, a number of seats are available for participants without a project. When participating without a project you will take part in all sessions on equal terms with the pitching participants. Only exception is not having a concrete project developed and pitched. Participants without a project pay 250 Euro1) 2) for taking part.

Participation Fee

Each selected project pays a participation fee of 350 Euro1) 2), which includes one participating person. Other members of the pitching team pay an individual fee of 250 Euro1) 2). The fees are excluding additional costs like traveling expenses, accommodation etc.


1) EDN members receive a discount of 100 Euro on the participation fee for the first person connected to a project and 50 Euro for the second and third person of the project team (if attending with more than one person)

2) Associates of Apordoc are eligible for a 20% discount.

Programme and schedule

Participants and observers will receive additional information via email prior to the event as well as the official Lisbon Docs catalogue upon arrival at the venue. Please note that Lisbon Docs starts on Sunday, 15 October, with the first introductory sessions taking place at 14:00 in the afternoon.

Outreach workshop

Top projects take part in the outreach workshop

In connection with the 2017 edition of Lisbon Docs EDN will organize an outreach and distribution workshop, which is tied to this pitching forum as well as 'Docs in Thessaloniki'. The new format will create a synergy between the two events by selecting the top projects from each forum and bringing them together in this post-event session taking place as an online workshop.

Focus for the session will be how the selected project teams can handle the increased need to combine new financing methods and alternative distribution methods with more traditional public funding sources. During the workshop the selected teams will strengthen the understanding of audience building and outreach for their projects in development. Through the online workshop the participants will:

  • ·    Learn about tools for audience engagement
  • ·    Sharpen their distribution strategy
  • ·    Get individual feedback from outreach experts
  • ·    Enhanced promotion and distribution possibilities.

The participants will benefit from these added values without adding extra travel costs and expenses for the production teams, as the seminar will take place online. The date of the workshop will be announced in this section as soon as possible.



Venue / Location

Lisbon Docs takes place at:

Edifício Sede da Caixa Geral de Depósitos
Rua Arco do Cego, Piso 1
1000-300 Lisboa (near the metro station: Campo Pequeno)

EDN Contact:

Jörg Winkelmann







Lisbon Docs 2017 is supported by the Creative Europe MEDIA programme