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EDN Pitch Pilot Workshop in Malaysia

October 19-21, 2016. Malaysia.

Presented by MyDocs with the support of Finas, the EDN Pitch Pilot Workshop is a three-day event focusing on the development of pitch pilots  for four selected documentary projects. You can participate with a project in development or as an observer. You can submit your project for participation until Wednesday, September 28, 2016.

The pitch pilot workshop is designed to strengthen the visual expression of documentary projects and create a better understanding of editing pilots for funding. With supervision from a leading international editor, the participants edit a world class pilot for their documentary projects and thereby:

  • - Strengthen the potential for financing
  • - Enhance dramaturgical structures
  • - Improve international co-production opportunities
  • - Make crucial decisions about style and filmic constructions.

The tutors of the workshop will be:

- Ove Rishøj Jensen, EDN Film & Media Consultant, Denmark

- Phil Jandaly, Editor and Pilot Expert, Sweden


Why participate in a pitch pilot workshop?

Pitching sessions have become a frequent tool when it comes to financing documentaries in development. It has become a fixed format everywhere in the world and all year round it is possible to take part in a pitching session, where you have around 7 minutes to present you project to a panel of financiers. With the development of the pitching sessions, the visual part of the pitch has become a central element. To meet these demands for pitching documentaries EDN have developed a workshop with focus on the creative development of the visual material that is shown during a pitch.

The workshop format

During the first day we will provide a general introduction on editing pitch pilots and discuss the visual material connected to each project. Every project team will be asked to show a draft of a project pilot or a key scene from their material. From this material we will try to find the strengths within the material and expose weaknesses and pitfalls. Hereafter we will look at possible storylines, the psychology of the characters and their relationships in the film, visual style, style of editing, the emotional tone, ethical questions, genre and personal motivation for making the film. This will strengthen the filmmaker in the development of the pilot in particular and of the project in general. The participants will get a more detailed vision about what kind of film they want to make, and with this clarification they are better prepared to edit their pilot.

During the next days the participants will edit the pilot for their project. We will work in four editing suits and we will look at the pilots in plenary and compare the first impressions of each project with the work that has been done. The work with editing the pilot will be done in both individual sessions and in plenary work.

The aim of the workshop is that all four projects will leave with a finished project pilot in their hand. We will end the workshop with a presentation of the participating projects, the goals achieved during the workshop and aims for the next steps of developments needed for the further development of the projects.

The workshop set-up

We recommend that selected project teams take part in the workshop together, and that the director, producer and editor are present during all three days of the workshop.The workshop will consist of a number of plenary sessions and sessions where the project teams work individually with editing pitch pilots. A room will be allocated for each participating team to work in. Each team brings own equipment for the editing.

Overview of Tutors

Ove Rishøj Jensen

EDN Film & Media Consultant
European Documentary Network, Denmark

Ove has been with EDN since winter 2003 and runs various documentary screenings, workshops, seminars, master classes and also participates in the selection of projects for workshops and pitching sessions. Ove has programmed and/or produced a number of events like The Greek Documentary Lab, New Platforms - New Politics, Twelve for the Future and lately also EDN’s market activities at European Film Market, Sunny Side of the Doc and MIPDOC. In addition he has collaborated with a number of documentary organisations and festivals with tailor making master classes, seminars and workshops for special events and occasions.



Phil Jandaly

Editor and Story Consultant, Sweden

Phil has spent the last 20 years building an international reputation as an editor and story consultant, working on projects in places as far afield as Serbia, Holland, France, South Korea, and beyond, often giving master classes on pitch pilot trailers, and the relationship between editors and directors. With a focus on human rights stories, Phil has brought an acute, analytical approach to storytelling using a tool box of exercises and questions that help creators get to the creative core of their projects. With his partner Annika Gustafson, Phil also runs BedouinViking productions, where he’s been part of developing the Sundance/Stories of Change feature documentary Brown Gold. He’s fascinated by new storytelling technologies, and the possibilities of Virtual Reality in documentary.

How to participate

The deadline for submitting your project for The EDN Pitch Pilot Workshop is Wednesday, September 28, 2016. You submit your project by sending a written 2-page presentation of your project accompanied by visual material. Your written 2-page presentation has to be in English and should include the following elements:

    - Title, name of producer, production company, director and editor, length, format & production plan/time of delivery
    - Short synopsis
    - Treatment with visual approach & reflections on the narrative
    - The total budget sum (not the whole budget) & a brief financing plan
    - Short CV & filmography of company and director
    - Contact details on producer/production company and/or director

    You submit your project by sending your 2-page presentation by sending an email to .

    The visual material

    Your application should be accompanied by visual material already shot for the submitted project. You submit your visual material by including a link to an online streaming facility, like Vimeo or YouTube, when emailing your 2-page presentation.

    Participating as Observer

    For The Pitch Pilot Workshop 8-10 observer seats are available. When participating as an observer you will take part in all sessions on equal terms with the project teams. Only exception is not having a concrete project developed and a pitch pilot edited. Observers pay 50 Euro for participating. Observers can apply up until October 14, 2016. Observer seats are handled on a “first come – first served” basis. To apply for an observer seat, please send an email to .


    For more information, please also see the call for submissions at MyDocs.

    EDN Contact Person

    Ove Rishøj Jensen








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