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  • Tikkun Ha-Lamed of the Ha’Ari Hakadosh
  • An inspiring & spiritual journey throughout Israel revealing Kabbalah secrets, profound insights and the fascinating and turbulent story of the Rabbi Admor of Sitre Haim. These secrets have led the rabbi to discover TIKKUN HA-LAMED OF THE HA’ARI HAKADOSH within the Jewish Holy Scriptures. The tikkun (which means fixing or amending in Hebrew) includes an emotional, empowering & thought-provoking journey from sunrise to sunset of the same day through the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), the Mediterranean, the Dead Sea and the Red Sea, venturing from North to South of the Land of Israel. The mystical significance of the tikkun is to enhance the divine light while attracting spiritual and materialistic abundance. The film is based on the HA’ARI HAKADOSH’s scriptures, one of the most legendary Mekubbal (spiritual leaders), and unfolds a universal story that can be related to by audiences worldwide.

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Noa Roll Cacharel


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