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  • Federico and Riccardo are two brothers born in Rimini who left their little town for going to Rome to turn their dreams into reality. They are not two ordinary brothers. Their surname will become part of the cinema history: Fellini. Federico Fellini will be the irrefutable master of the seventh art and innovator of cinema in the 60’s, indeed Riccardo’s life is that of an also-ran. A director in his own right, his career has never been examined. He’s remembered as “the other Fellini”, the Brother. In recounting the life of Riccardo Fellini, ‘The other Fellini’ shines a new and different light on the world renowned Federico Fellini, while it tells the parable of Italian cinema from the last years of the fascist regime through the great era of neo-realism. The same years in which the Italian cinema assumed an important role in the world. Told through the contrasting parallel lives of the two brothers, this story deals with timeless and universal themes.

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Giusi Santoro


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