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  • Rester Vivants
  • A rebel Muslim Sister forced into exile, an activist who discovers maternity and feels muzzled, a laic artist totally devoted to the revolutionary cause and a Coptic Christian who questions opinions he was being dictated since ever. Still Alive tells the story of four young Egyptians - Eman, Soleyfa, Ammar and Kirilos - from the revolution of January 2011 until the 5th anniversary of the uprising, in January 2016. Over those five years, their lives have been deeply turned upside down. They have evolved, been through crises, and had to face decisive choices, not necessarily in line with their original ideals. The four of them take a look at their own past, their own image, and sharetheir feelings about their current situation. Still Alive is a movie about the passing of time and scattering ideals, in a context of violentrepression and nationalist propaganda. What life could be like, in Marshal Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s military regime, after this unprecedented momentum of freedom? What does existencemean, amid such economic turmoil? What legacy - or burden – to carry on for this youth who was at the forefront of the revolt?

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Laurence Buelens


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