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  • Natalia's Revolution
  • The story of Natalia, a Colombian mother fighting for justice and survival in Venezuela, amidst a storm of protests, confrontations and crises. On the night of 15 March 2017, a group of young pro-government activists, led by Colombian-born Natalia and her partner, occupied a bakery located in the heart of Caracas, which they now run themselves. Three months later, Natalia gave birth to her first child after a period of intense political activism. As well as being a new mother, contemporary dancer and dance teacher, Natalia runs, together with her partner and others young political activists, a community centre called La Minka as well as the occupied bakery. Unlike many, Natalia has decided not to return to Colombia and stay in Venezuela, to form not only a family but also a new political social movement amidst the worst crisis that the country has ever experienced. This creative observational film tells the story of Natalia, and those she works with. We have exclusive access to her home, her work, her activism and the occupied bakery. Living day-to-day with the implications and difficulties of Venezuela’s crisis, we follow the couple’s relationship, her motherhood, a collective, and a country whose socialist dream today resembles an economic nightmare. Natalia’s revolution shines a light on the soul of a nation struggling to survive.

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