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  • Moths to flame
  • 20 July 1969, 19:00. Two men dressed as astronauts chat in a room. They are NEIL ARMSTRONG and BUZZ ALDRIN, engaged in the preparations for an important space mission that in a few hours will lead them to walk on the moon.Two moths suddenly enter the room, heading for one of the sources of lighting, a lamp placed next to one of the walls. Their unpredictable and confused flight frightens Neil, who has a certain phobia towards every type of flying insect. It is clear from his reaction nervousness and insecurity with respect to the objectives of the trip and it does not need the reassurances of his colleague Buzz, who instead already celebrates the fame and success they will enjoy later. But from their dialogue a fundamental detail emerges gradually: the delicate mission for which they are preparing is not really a trip to the moon, as a cinematographic staging, a film, in short a fiction. The two, in fact, are located inside a movie room, separated from the theater by a locked door and guarded outside by a man in military uniform and armed with a machine gun. Neil's perplexities grow stronger until they become exasperated and sometimes paranoid laments. Buzz fears that his colleague's fears may jeopardize not only the whole operation, but also and above all his own safety. Therefore, he tries to make Neil feel confident, forcing him to repeat the lines from the script, stimulating him to find a decisive acting interpretation key, in order to overcome his doubts and his own uncertainties. A few minutes from the beginning of the shoot, in an environment that the two characters will never abandon throughout the entire story, the light skips, due to a short circuit caused by the approach of the two moths to one of the lamps of the room. The darkness soon turns into a light and very light, a metaphysical and unreal dimension capable of accompanying the two characters in another, far away space. On the helmets and on the space suits of both, the lights of the sun, the moon and the earth seen from space begin to reflect. The two take their first steps in this visionary scenario, leaving the footprints of their boots on a ground made of gray dust.

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Giada Mazzoleni


Finished Film