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  • Mohamed and the Fisherman
  • Mohamed is a young African who lives in the outskirts of Paris, he occasionally works as a cleaning man, and he lives in an apartment together with other 5 people. He is one of the many immigrants arrived in Europe clandestinely, through the "South door", the one of the Mediterranean. Apparently he is a guy like many others, but he has an incredible story. Mohamed in fact, arrived in Italy - and exactly in Lampedusa – after a dreadful journey: he has been clinging to a piece of wood for almost a week in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea (between Lybia and Sicily). He is the only survivor of the 47 persons who left Lybia with him, on a rubber boat. During the 6 days of journey he saw going mad, resigning, and dying off all his fellow travellers. All the boats they met while their rubber boat was flaking away, changed their cruise and went away while they were calling for help. Except the one of Vito Cittadino, a corageous captain from Mazara del Vallo, who saved Mohamed, when he was almost dead. Mohamed then obtained the humanitarian permit, as a refugee in Italy. But he couldn't find any job there, so he went to France, where some relatives of him lived. But there, he is not allowed to work. Captain Vito remembers this rescue as something very special, like a miracle. He often thinks about that guy: he says that it was the most special of all the rescues. That guy is like a son for him, because it is as Vito gave him life again: "It is a luck to find a person like that: first of all for him who was rescued, but also for me, because I feel like God gave me a grace, through him I have done a miracle!" The captain heard from a common friend that Mohamed can't find a job and lives in a difficult situation. So he invited the guy to reach him in Mazara del Vallo (Sicily), promised to teach him the trade of fisherman and keep Mohamed with him.

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