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  • All the Dictator's Men
  • North Korea has covertly developed a weapon whose secret the superpowers believed they alone possessed: the nuclear bomb. How has this country, ostracised by the international community and one of the world’s poorest nations, managed to build up such an arsenal? Five years of investigation will reveal the secrets behind the financing of North Korea’s nuclear weapons and the ongoing tragedy of the Dictator's Men, working in the wings to bring cash into the country at all costs and ensure the regime’s survival. Albert Londres Prize 2018 Spotlight Documentary Silver Award 2018 Etoile de la Scam 2019 DIG Awards – Winner Investigative Long category 2019 FIGRA – International Current Affairs and Society Documentary Film Festival – Arnaud Hamelin Producer Guild Award 2019 Prix Europa – Nominee TV Current Affairs 2019

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Marjolaine Grappe


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