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Storydoc 2010 is calling for projects


The Greek documentary organization Storydoc has just issued a call for proposals for the 2010 edition of their international documentary initiative. It is a two-part development program for filmmakers with Mediterranean and Middle Eastern documentary projects. Deadline for applying is March 30, 2010.

Still fra The Spanish Flu - Storydoc 2009 project

The call for Storydoc 2010 is open to European filmmakers from the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern territories or to European filmmakers with a subject from the region. 12 European documentary projects will be selected for Storydoc 2010. In addition five projects from the Middle East will also be selected for participation.

The aim of the workshop is to encourage close collaboration and co-production between filmmakers, producers and broadcasters from Northern and Southern Europe and the Mediterranean area. Documentary consultant Tue Steen Müller is Head of Studies and will conduct the sessions in collaboration with Cecilia Lidin, Head of EDN.

Four scholarships will be given to European filmmakers.  One of these will cover travel expenses for a guest pitch at the Documentary Campus in Leipzig in October 2010.

The projects will be developed through two sessions tutored by experienced documentary directors, commissioning editors, producers and editors. The work will be performed in groups and on an individual basis. The development will focus on improving and fine-tuning treatments, scripts as well as on the visual presentation in form of trailers and teasers. Inspirational lectures will be held on subjects like storytelling and character development.

The sessions will take place in Corfu, Greece July 5-7th 2010 and in Copenhagen, Denmark, November 2010 in collaboration with the cph:dox festival. Consultations with tutors will be arranged in the period between the sessions.

A prologue workshop will be held in Ramallah at the end of March for Palestinian documentary filmmakers.

The Participants will be European professionals and filmmakers with experience in their local environment, aiming at working on an international level. They must have documentary projects or proposals that make an impact, have co-production potential and appeal to an international audience.

Here you can read further on how to apply for Storydoc 2010.