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Italian Doc Screenings goes to Palermo in October


For the 9th edition of Italian Doc Screenings, the event is being moved to Palermo, Sicily. This year the headline for the screenings and seminar is: How to take yes for an answer.

During the Italian Doc Screenings there will be a focus on the new ways to do current affairs, the revival of the arts programming and the latest developments in specialist factual.

As in the previous editions there will also be 1-on-1 pitching for selected projects, channels presentations and thematic discussions.

Italian Doc Screenings is not only an opportunity to build bridges between Italian producers and the international market, it is also a way to nurture old friendships and foster new relationships in a relaxed and inspiring environment.

It all takes place on October 23-26, 2013. Read more at the Italian Doc Screenings web site. 

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