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RealYoung calling for children and youth documentary projects


RealYoung is a new initiative to lift documentaries for kids and young audiences to the next level. We are looking for ideas that should be independent of any sort of restrictions, being budget, country, team, stage of development or else. Deadline is January 15, 2015.

Documentaries for a young audience are offering filmmakers an endless number of playful possibilities. But also a number of challenges.

How can we stimulate documentaries for young audiences in different countries? What are the structures when it comes to production and distribution? What are the undiscovered possibilities to cooperate when it comes to financing? How can producers and directors anticipate on an audience who is consuming large amounts of screen content on multiple platforms and no longer watch television in a traditional way?  

RealYoung consists of: 

1) Kick-off roundtable discussion during IDFA in Amsterdam, November 26th, shedding light on the challenges of co-production and distribution of documentaries for young audiences. 

2) Workshop, where the selected projects will receive tutoring from industry experts focusing on in-depth project development as well as discusing the marketpotential of each project. The workshop will take place on March 10-12 in Malmö, Sweden during The Financing Form for Kids Content.

3) Online Pitching Session where selected projects pitch to leading financiers of documentaries for a young audience. The pitching is done via an online videoconference format hosted by EDN.

Joining forces to lift documentaries for kids and young audiences to the next level, RealYoung is a new collaboration between IDFA, EDN - European Documentary Network and The Financing Forum for Kids Content and with support from Swedish Film Institute. We invite you to join us with your idea for an innovative documentary.

Read more about the RealYoung here at our EDN web site.