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Free streaming of Jørgen Leth at Doc Alliance


The documentary VOD site Doc Alliance is this week offering a selected retrospective with Jørgen Leth films. You can stream them for free from January 28 to February 3.

The Impossible Hour by Jørgen Leth

Jørgen Leth is a leading figure in experimental documentary filmmaking. He made his first film in 1963 and has since made 40 more, many distributed worldwide. Among his most acclaimed works is a 1967 short, The Perfect Human, which also featured in the 2003 film The Five Obstructions made by Leth and Lars von Trier. Leth's sports documentaries bring an epic, almost mythic, dimension to the field, as seen in Stars and Watercarriers (1973) and A Sunday in Hell (1977).

Jørgen Leth has been a creative consultant for the Danish Film Institute (1971–73, 1975–77) as well as chairman of the Institute's board (1977–82). He has also been a professor at the Danish National Film School in Copenhagen, at the State Studiocenter in Oslo and has lectured at UCLA, Berkeley, Harvard and other American universities.

This week you can stream the following Jørgen Leth films

The Impossible Hour / 1974 / Denmark / 45 min

Pelota / 1983 / Denmark / 47 min

Notebook From China / 1987 / Denmark / 79 min

Life in Denmark / 1972 / Denmark / 37 min

Chinese Ping Pong / 1972 / Denmark / 14 min 

Here you can see the Jørgen Leth films at Doc Alliance.

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