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Mikael Opstrup joins the EDN team from 2011


Executive producer, tutor and independent documentary consultant Mikael Opstrup will become a new member of the EDN team. This comes as current Head of Office Cecilia Lidin has been appointed Documentary Film Consultant at The Swedish Film Institute.

Mikael Opstrup

EDN has announced that Mikael Opstrup will join the organisation's management team as Head of Studies. EDN Network Manager Hanne Skjødt, currently sharing the management responsibility with Cecilia Lidin, will be Head of Office and will together with Mikael Opstrup form the management team in charge of running and developing the organisation. The EDN management team is referring to the EDN Executive Committee, which is elected by the more than 1000 members of the organisation.

The changes in the EDN team come after Cecilia Lidin has been appointed new Documentary Film Consultant at The Swedish Film Institute. Both the changes in the EDN team and Cecilia Lidin's new position will be effective from January 2011.

Upon the announcement of the changes in the EDN management Chairman of the EDN Executive Committee Cay Wesnigk says:

'I am very sad to see Cecilia leave EDN, but in this situation I am happy that a capacity like Mikael will join the EDN management. For many years Cecilia's strong sense for quality documentary projects and her winning personality has been a central element at numerous EDN workshops and events. Her large contribution to building and strengthening our documentary network is beyond measurement. I wish her the best of luck in her new position and look forward to collaborating with Mikael as part of the dedicated EDN team.'

Mikael Opstrup has recently been working as executive producer & consultant as well as being head of studies & tutor at several EDN workshops, Ex Oriente Film, and many other seminars and workshops. Mikael has been a member of the EDN Executive Committee and also the EDN Chairman. He has a background as a producer at Final Cut Productions and within the department of Production and Development at the Danish Film Institute. He started his career working with various distribution and festival activities. Mikael Opstrup holds a Degree in Film Studies from the University of Copenhagen.

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