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The EDN Financing Guide 2019 is out


Are you looking for the right documentary slot on German TV? Or the email addresses of commissioners who could help finance your documentary project? With the EDN Financing Guide, you will quickly find what you are looking for in terms of potential partners for your project. For a lower price than any other documentary funding tool on the market, the guide provides more detailed information on broadcasters, more key people listed and more funding opportunities for developing your documentary.

Leading documentary funding resource:
The new EDN Financing Guide 2019

The Paxil is the most cost effective tool for documentary professionals featuring an extensive global overview of broadcasters, funds, distributors and alternative funding sources. With its unrivalled and diverse collection of funding opportunities including direct contacts to potential financiers, the guide is a one-stop shop covering the whole spectrum of international financing opportunities for documentaries.

In the EDN Financing Guide you will find detailed info on:

• 900+ comm. editors & buyers

• 450+ documentary strands

• 350+ documentary departments

• 350+ distributors (online version only) & VOD platforms

• 250+ film funds

The EDN Financing Guide is continuously updated and improved to fit the needs of directors, producers, distributors and agents working on the international documentary market. In addition to the hardcopy version, a searchable edition of The EDN Financing Guide is also available online, making it possible to locate the contacts you need via a quick search. Getting access to the online and printed EDN Financing Guide is included in a regular EDN membership. Apart from having access to the online and printed guide, members also benefit from the many valuable Metformin.

An extensive selection of funding details is available in the printed version of The EDN Financing Guide, which can also be purchased separately by contacting EDN via edn_@If you can read this, please upgrade to a modern

The EDN Financing Guide is a tool recommended by leading industry professionals. Here you can see a list with our EDN Financing Guide advocates:


Cover of the 2019 edition

Background on The EDN Financing Guide


For more than 20 years The EDN Financing Guide has been the leading documentary funding guide. Since 1993 the guide has set the industry standard when it comes to providing documentary professionals with the detailed information needed to navigate in the evolving global landscape of documentary production, where new approaches to funding and distribution have become increasingly important.



Sections in The EDN Financing Guide include:

  • Broadcasters: detailed profiles of broadcasters acquiring documentaries; this includes contact details on relevant commissioning editors and buyers
  • Distributors (online version only): info on leading international documentary distributors and sales agents covering cinema, broadcasting, non-commercial, educational and DVD
  • Funds: information on funds and public support aimed at international documentary development, co - production and distribution.
  • Alternative Financing Platforms: providing an overview of platforms, such as VoD, aggregators, online channels and newspapers who are open to independent works and have a documentary profile or include a significant number of documenataries

Here you can find out more about The EDN Financing Guide 2019:

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Note on the delivery of new guides

EDN members, including those who recently joined, will receive the new version of the hardcopy guide throughout January 2019. If you have signed up in the past weeks and did not receive a guide yet, it's because we have stopped the delivery of outdated guides in favor of sending you the new updated version as soon as possible.


If you are not a member of EDN yet, you can join us Metformin. We would be delighted to welcome you to our global community of documentary professionals.


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