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EDN Announces Updated Edition of The EDN Co-Production Guide


EDN - The European Documentary Network announces a general update for The EDN Co-Production Guide, a tool for international financing of documentaries. The updated version will be released on Wednesday, 9 December 2015, and include the latest details on co-production guidelines in 30 European countries. All information is edited by EDN, provided by established producers and based on concrete co-production experiences.

The EDN Co-Production Guide:
New Version to be released on 9 December 2015

For this first update since the launch of the Co-Production guide last year, EDN has again commissioned experienced producers to provide information about the co-production possibilities in their country. The information is compiled in an easy-to-use format making it possible to use the information in the everyday reality of a production company. The guide includes:

• Profiles of co-production funds in 30 countries

• Guidelines for funding of co-productions in each country

• Titles of co-produced projects and production companies

• Contact info, relevant links and organizations

• A forum for EDN members to share co-production experiences

The EDN Co-Production Guide is aimed at producers with a documentary project seeking international co-production partners. The Guide is short enough to get an overview of co-production possibilities in these territories and detailed enough to create a co-production strategy.

The EDN Co-Production Guide currently features information about co-production possibilities in 30 countries. However, it is planned to develop the guide in future by including additional countries and covering more continents with in-depth information. In order to access the EDN Co-Production Guide, please visit the following link:

About the EDN Co-Production Guide

The EDN Co-Production Guide has been launched in 2014 and has established itself as a welcome resource on the EDN web domain. Since its introduction, the guide has been available online at to all EDN members. Non-EDN members have the opportunity to get a general overview of the guide with limited features - full access can be obtained by joining EDN.



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