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Crossing Borders Announces its 2016 Selection


The Crossing Borders initiative announces the final selection of projects to take part in the next edition of the annual training programme for international co-productions between Europe and Asia. Crossing Borders grants project teams access to valuable expertise from highly specialized professionals for taking their projects to the international market.

Following the recent call for submissions for European and Asian projects, Crossing Borders has now announced the final selection of documentary projects that will participate in the next cycle of the annual programme which is offered in collaboration between EDN - European Documentary Network, Documentary Campus and BCPF - Broadcasting Content Promotion Foundation. This year's edition consists of three sessions: a development workshop kicking off the programme, a separate online component focusing on story development (incl. trailers) and a pitch training workshop where the projects will be pitched to international financiers during an intensive five-day session in Leipzig, Germany.

The variety of stories represented by this year's selection ranges from an ambitious but struggling African football club in Vietnam up to an impending ecological catastrophe on the island of Borneo. A total of 21 European and Asian projects have been selected for the next instalment of the Crossing Borders programme (see selection further below or this PDF featuring a project overview incl. synopses). Through one-on-one sessions with recognized professionals and trainers from around the world, the teams of selected projects will receive creative and practical support for targeting the international market. Among the confirmed trainers of Crossing Borders 2016 are:

Gitte Hansen - Deputy Director, First Hand Films, Switzerland
Paul Pauwels - Director, EDN, Belgium
Phil Jandaly, Editor, Sweden
Zhao Qi, Producer / director, China
Ruby Chen, CEO, CNEX, China
Steven Seidenberg, Executive Producer LIC / Head of Studies CB, UK/China

The overall aim of the training sessions is to create an invaluable network between Europe and Asia and to give participants access to knowledge and contacts necessary for their future work on an international level. This year's selection also includes ten projects from Korea, as part of the collaboration with BCPF.





About The End | Soda Pictures | United Kingdom

Participants: Emily Morgan & Cristina Picchi


Die and Live Again | 19.11srl | Italy

Participants: Barbara Rossi Prudente & Concetta Mastrocinque


Kids on the Silk Road | Toolbox Film | Denmark

Participants: Anita Pariyar & Maria Stevnbak Andersen


We Need To Talk | Silver Frame | Poland

Participants: Daria Maslona & Jedrzej Michalak


Hope Frozen | Soul Rebel Films | United Kingdom

Participants: Pailin Wedel & Gigi Berardi


Climbing Uphill | Vaibhav Ingole | India

Participant: Vaibhav Ingole


Nowzad: Warzone Animal Rescue | B1ackspiral Films | Philippines

Participants: Waise Azimi & Pen Farthing


Offside in Saigon | Almaz Media | Vietnam

Participants: Mai Suong Thi Chu Morgan Ommer & Vincent Baumont


The Lost Voice of Borneo Trilogy | NG Production | Malaysia

Participants: Nova Goh & William Chiang


Yakuza - Moment of Truth | Mandarin Film | China

Participants: Patrick Carr & Sascha Schöberl


108 Plates | MEDIA HAYANSO | Korea

Participants: Hyeryoung Park & Hyeonjeong Kwon


4.25 Football Team | J & D Media | Korea

Participant: Seo Min Won


Counters | — | Korea

Participants: Il Shin & Ilha Lee


Elephant Boy | — | Korea

Participants: Hwan-Sung PARK & Ji-Yeon JUNG


Family in the Bubble | Shangma Pictures | Korea

Participants: Youngsoo Park & Minji Ma


For Vagina's Sake | Keam Production | Korea

Participants: Heejung Oh & Boram Kim


Homemade Genius | Boda Mediagroup | Korea

Participants: Yunjoo Koo, Hyunah Kang & Sinae Ha


Legends | Panda Media | Korea

Participants: Young-Wook Paik & Aurélien Lainé


Emergency Rations | — | Korea

Participants: Hojun Kang, Siyeon Byun & Sejung Jang


Time After Time | Hiharbor Production | Korea

Participants: Kyungsoo Han & Hyuckjee Park

About Crossing Borders

Crossing Borders is an international training programme launched in 2010 by Documentary Campus and EDN – European Documentary Network. It brings together filmmakers and documentary experts from both Europe and Asia, who are highly motivated to collaborate with each other across national borders, and have the ambition to enter each other’s markets both artistically and financially. For more information on previous editions of Crossing Borders and examples of participating projects and success stories visit


Crossing Borders 2016 is co-funded by Creative Europe MEDIA and takes place in collaboration with BCPF — Broadcasting Content Promotion Foundation with the support of KCA — Korea Communications Agency.


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