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Report on Territoriality & Financing of Audiovisual Works


The European Audiovisual Observatory has published a free report on the latest developments in European media law concerning territoriality and the financing of audiovisual production. The report provides an in-depth look at issues surrounding the country-of-origin principle as well as the principle of territoriality in light of recent developments in media law.

The Digital Single Market and media legislation in Europe are changing the ways in which audiovisual works can be financed and exploited across different territories. The European Audiovisual Observatory has spent a number of years reviewing the implications of these developments and provides a comprehensive overview of their findings in the newly released report "Territoriality and Financing of Audiovisual Works: Latest Developments".

The report focuses on the potential impacts of recent media regulations and copyright law on the “country of origin” (COO) principle (which places content under the jurisdiction of the country where the audiovisual media service provider is established) and the principle of territoriality of copyright (whereby works are licensed on a country-by-country basis). The latest development in this field was the adoption of the Directive on copyright and related rights applicable to certain online transmissions in March of last year, which saw the principle of territoriality preserved after intensive discussion with stakeholders in the audiovisual industry.

In five chapters, the report looks at different impacts on the audiovisual sector such as:

Download the Full Report

The full report is free of charge and can be downloaded in PDF format on the website of the European Audiovisual Observatory (click here to access the report).

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