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NHK & France Televisions continue their factual collaboration


NHK, Japan’s public broadcaster, and France Télévisions have signed a three-year co-production deal. The main focus is to continue and strengthen their existing collaboration on factual programs.

Life Force

This newly signed agreement is continuing an already existing partnership between NHK and France 5 started in 2002. In relation to the new structure of France Télévisions, the agreement has now been extended across France 2, France 3, France 4 and France Ô.

According to the agreement, both pubcasters will develop and produce factual series and one-off documentaries to be pre-bought by either party. Both broadcasters agree that the terms of the deal would be agreed on a programme-by-programme basis.

Coproductions currently in production include China 2000 BC, a documentary about archaeological discoveries, and docu-drama Volcano Devils, which recounts the story of a French volcanologist couple who died in the Mount Unzen eruptions in Japan.

NHK and France Télévisions are also coproducing websites and are currently working on one for documentary series Life Force, a coproduction between NHK, NHNZ, France Télévisions, Science Channel and Animal Planet. The new website launches at the end of October ahead of the broadcast of the six-part series.

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