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A closer look at public broadcasters’ new media services across Europe


NORDICOM, the Nordic knowledge center for media research, has released an anthology on the regulation of public broadcasters in Europe and their new media services.

The NORDICOM anthology is entitled Exporting the Public Value Test. The Regulation of Public Broadcasters’ New Media Services Across Europe. This collection of short essays from academics, regulators, public broadcasters and private media representatives, provides thought-provoking perspectives on the state of play of public value tests in a range of European states. In so doing, the book is a topical intervention in the ongoing debate about the future of our media systems.

Public service broadcasters across Europe are venturing into the digital world, launching niche TV channels, building extensive websites, developing commercial services, entering into partnerships with external actors, and exploring new ways to reach users, whether its through smart phone apps or screens in public spaces. Such endeavours intensify fundamental discussions about what we need public service media institutions for. These are complex discussions, building on history, encompassing new technology, and involving a range of strong stakeholders.

Recently, the so-called public value test has emerged as the focal point for these discussions. As a detailed regulatory scheme to measure the public worth and possible market impact of planned publicly funded media services, the public value test is causing controversy across Europe. This NORDICOM anthology gathers input and ads perspectives to this debate.

The book is edited by Karen Donders and Hallvard Moe. Among the articles included are:

Richard Collins: Public Value, the BBC and Humpty Dumpty Words – does Public Value Management Mean What it Says?

Herman WolswinkelPublishers’ Fight for Fair Competition in the Digital Era

Hilde Thoresen, Erik Bolstad: Ex Ante Limits Public Broadcasting and Gives the Public Less Attractive Services

Jo Bardoel, Marit VochtelooDutch Public Service Broadcasting Between Bureaucratic Burden and Political Choice. Implementing the Amsterdam Test in the Netherlands

NORDICOM is a knowledge centre for the area of media and communication research, a cooperation between the five countries of the Nordic region - Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Starting from academic research, Nordicom collects and adapts knowledge, mediating it to various user groups in the Nordic region, Europe and elsewhere in the world. Nordicom's work aims at developing media studies and at helping to ensure that research results are made visible in the treatment of media issues at different levels in both the public and private sector. Nordicom is an institution that operates under the auspices of the Nordic Council of Ministers.
Here you can read more about this anthology released by NORDICOM.

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