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Tribeca Film Festival 2016 Delves Deep Into VR and Interactive Storytelling


Virtual reality (VR) and interactive storytelling take center stage at the 2016 edition of the Tribeca Film Festival (TFF). Twenty-three VR exhibits and interactive installations from leading creators and emerging artists will be presented, with 16 of them making their world debut, at the Tribeca Festival Hub.

Kanju, a documentary project featured in
the Virtual Arcade section of TFF

Tribeca Film Festival has announced in a recent press release that the upcoming 15th edition of the festival will feature a whole variety of virtual reality productions and installations in order to showcase the state of play of interactive storytelling. Additionally, a section called 'Virtual Arcade' invites audiences to explore the world of VR, taking them to vastly different worlds crafted by some of the leading creators working in the medium. The Virtual Arcade, open April 18-20, demonstrates the breadth of work created by VR storytellers, including projects that are rooted in documentary, narrative, gaming, music and journalism.

“Tribeca has always celebrated the most exciting new forms of storytelling, from video games to virtual reality," said Jane Rosenthal, co-founder Tribeca Film Festival and Executive Chair of Tribeca Enterprises. “This year’s program, which you can touch and feel at our amazing Festival Hub at Spring Studios, features the most dynamic work to date at the intersection of story and technology. We're committed to giving the independent artists we support the best stage to share their mind-blowing work with audiences.”

Among the line-up are at least three projects that qualify as documentaries with an innovative approach of storytelling, interactivity and immersion.


The Ark (World Premiere)

Project Creators: Jongsma + O’Neill (Eline Jongsma and Kel O’Neill) | Key Collaborator: Springbok Entertainment

The northern white rhinoceros is the most endangered animal on the planet. Only three remain, and they are protected at all times by armed bodyguards. The Ark is a virtual reality documentary that puts viewers face-to-face with the last northern white rhinos, and tells the story of the global coalition scientists who are fighting to rescue the species from extinction.

Notes on Blindness: Into Darkness

Project Creators: Arnaud Colinart, Amaury La Burthe, Peter Middleton, and James Spinney

After losing his sight in 1983, John Hull began recording an audio-diary documenting his discovery of “a world beyond sight.” John’s original recordings form the basis of this interactive experience, which uses real time 3D, virtual reality, and binaural sound to explore the interior world of blindness.


KANJU (World Premiere)

Project Creator: Stephanie Riggs / Azimyth Creation Studios | Key Collaborators: The Nantucket Project, Harbers Studios

Journey across Africa in search of Kanju, “creativity born of struggle.” Visit a floating school rising from the slums of Makoko. Witness President Obama's historic speech in Nairobi from the press pit. This uplifting, immersive documentary seamlessly layers traditional narrative techniques and 360o live action. Feel the power of storytelling merged with technology and rediscover Africa as the bright continent.

Please visit this link in order to see the full list of projects featured in the Virtual Arcade section.

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