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Last Chance to Participate in Creative Europe's Open Public Consultation


Earlier this year, Creative Europe has launched a public online consultation in order to collect feedback on the initiatives offered by the Creative Europe programme (Media, Culture, Cross Sector). The consultation is still open and anyone who would like to contribute can do so until 16 April 2017.

What projects should the MEDIA programme support in future? What can be improved? It is questions such as these, among others, that Creative Europe would like to hear your thoughts about. The public consultation aims to gather comments and perspectives on the relevance of the Creative Europe programme's objectives, the effectiveness of the measures taken to achieve them and the efficiency of their implementation. It further aims to establish the added value of the programme in relation to the challenges and opportunities of cultural and audiovisual sectors, compared to what could be achieved by Member States only.

The consultation covers the three strands of the Creative Europe programme, namely the Culture sub-programme, the MEDIA sub-programme, and the Cross-sectoral strand. Finally, the initiative includes forward looking questions regarding a possible successor programme to Creative Europe after 2020.

The consultation is open to the general public and potential stakeholders of the Creative Europe programme. The online questionnaire is hosted on the website of IFC consult and can be accessed here:

For more information and details, please also visit:

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