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EU film competition on We are Europe, every day


The European Commission has launched a video competition, in partnership with the United Nations. The competition is called We are Europe, every day. Please submit your videos until 10th March 2014.

The aim with the We are Europe, every day video competition is to spotlight the influence the European Union has on the everyday life of European citizens. Central questions to be dealt with are:

  •   -  What does ‘being European’ mean to you?
  •   -  What are the values behind the European flag that you appreciate the most and how do you live your life being a European citizen?
  •   -  Which advantages do you enjoy the most?

The European Commission invites you to show this in a short video and connect all of this back to a related and consistent event of the history of the European Union. 

For the competition you have full access to the database of extracts from the online Audio-visual Library of the European Commission or of the United Nations. You have free access to more than 1.100 video stock shots, around 28.000 news extracts that are classified by themes, and some more archive material. You can also find interesting clips in the United Nations Multimedia Database.

The competition is open to production companies and to individuals over the age of 18. Genres can be both documentary and fiction. Your video will have to include +/- 25% of the Audiovisual Library of the EC or of the United Nation archives within your original content. Your video needs to be in line with the European values and communicate positive emotions that the European Identity can trigger.

The three best submissions will be awarded with cash prices of #1 EUR 6,500; #2 EUR 2,500; #3 EUR 1,500. The three finalists will be determined by the European Commission and the United Nations trough a jury, which can consider the online voting, sharing and “likes”.

Here you can read more about We are Europe, every day.  

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