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Russian Documentary Guild Publishes Addition to Documentary Film Market Guide


The Russian Documentary Guild has recently published new information about "Financing & Co-productions" on their website, which complements the details available in the Russian Documentary Film Market Guide 2015. The additions include laws, agreements and other documents relevant to producers aiming to engage in the Russian documentary market.

"Public support for documentary film production in the Russian Federation is carried out by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. The public funding of film production under the Russian law may not exceed 70% of the estimated value of its budget. In specific cases, taking into account the artistic and cultural significance of the film project, a 100% funding can be granted to projects that comply with the 'National film' criteria.

To obtain public support, Russian producers of the film project should obtain the status of 'National film'. This status allows using the privilege of exemption from VAT (18%). For submission of documents for public support, the projects most not [necessarily] have the status of 'National film', but have to meet the requirements for this status. The status can be granted after the decision has been made for project support. The status of "National film" must be obtained before the project financing starts."

Further details are available on the website of the Russian Documentary Guild. A PDF version of the Russian Documentary Film Market Guide 2015 can be found here.

Source: The Russian Documentary Guild | Russian Documentary Film Market Guide 2015