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mediapeers is providing a special offer for EDN members


The digital content platform mediapeers is offering EDN members a special discount on their service. Included is a special free use of the platform and discounts on material handling and delivery services.

mediapeers offer a secure business-to-business environment for content owners and distributors to manage, showcase and distribute their programs to buyers. With their service you can:

  -  Manage your content and rights online, and access information from everywhere, e.g., even when on the go from your iPhone

  -  Save yourself the hassle and cost of setting up your own content, rights management and digital storage system

  -  Showcase your content to professional buyers worldwide

  -  Reduce transaction cost along the full process chain from marketing to delivery

  -  Reduce the screener logistics and just send potential buyers an email with links to secure screening videos

  -  Deliver licensed content on tape or tapeless with the click of a mouse

  -  2 commercial models: Pay for performance - no fixed costs, only a low fee on closed transactions; or limited monthly fee for unlimited usage – see EDN Start Package.


mediapeers is now offering EDN members a special discount on their service, which includes:

Use the platform for FREE for your line-up (available until October 31, 2011 & limited to 15 titles or series per line-up)

o   Free access to all catalogue management services (profiles, avails, online screening), marketing services (direct mailing of customised selections to potential buyers, viewing statistics) and transactional services (streamlining of contracting, invoicing and collecting).

o   Material handling services (digital archive, DVD/tape/tapeless delivery) are charged according to price list


Special EDN Start Package (available until December 31, 2011)

o   EDN Start Package at €300 per month for up to 50 titles (instead of the minimum ‘Bronze’ package at €500 per month for up to 100 titles)

o   12 months agreement, cancellable anytime within the first 3 months


Special Discounts on Material Handling Services (available until December 31, 2011)

o   20% discount on tape ingestion to create the digital master

o   20% discount on digital delivery


Here you can read more about how you obtain your special EDN discount for mediapeers.

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