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EDN’s worry for documentary in Creative Europe recognised by EACEA


As reported earlier here at, EDN has expressed worries about the treatment of the documentary genre in relation to the proposed guidelines for EU’s new funding program Creative Europe, which from January 2014 will be replacing the current MEDIA program. EDN’s expression of concerns has lead to constructive discussions between EDN Director Paul Pauwels and key representatives in EACEA, EU’s Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency, which is administrating Creative Europe.

The constructive EDN and EACEA dialogue was primarily relating to the Creative Europe programme and a meeting of the national cultural representatives held on 11th of October 2013. After the discussion between EDN director Paul Pauwels and representatives of the Media Unit and EACEA, EDN received the following communication from the Media Unit.

“The discussion was extremely helpful for us and we will take your remarks into account when it comes to the future development of the Creative Europe Programme. The meeting that took place last Friday is part of the so called comitology procedure in which the Commission together with Member States representatives make implementing decisions on the basis of a legal base that has been decided by the legislators, the Parliament and the Council.

This comitology procedure is an internal process between Member States and the Commission and I hope for your understanding that we cannot distribute any documents nor make public announcements on what has been discussed.

However, let me reassure that the worries of the documentary sector in particular regarding the definition of the "start of production" has been noted and we will try to find a flexible solution for this specific problem. As regards the use of lump sums I would like to recall that the amounts for lump sums have been fixed on the basis of an extensive analysis of the last years of contracts with documentary producers and will not significantly change the level of funding. Lump sums will give producers much more certainty and will allow them a better planning because from the start they can rely on a fixed amount.

In general the Committee has welcomed the approach of the Commission to launch the calls as early as possible (it is planned for December provided the final adoption of the legal base is not delayed) in order to avoid major funding gaps for 2014. This means that the guidelines for 2014 will be transitional.

As we have discussed during our meeting, in the first year of Creative Europe we will look at all action lines carefully and change them if necessary.”

EDN agrees that it is important that the implementation of the Creative Europe Programme will not be delayed. Certainly because we believe in the goodwill of the Media Unit to establish a real dialogue between themselves and the European documentary community. We will follow up closely the next steps in the implementation process of Creative Europe.

Here you can read EDN’s previous statement on the Creative Europe guidelines.

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