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Review: EDN Online Pitching "Pictures of South America"


The main theme of yesterday's edition of our EDN online pitching sessions was 'Pictures of South America' and focused on documentary projects in development leading us from the fate of prisoners in Brazil up to war-torn Columbia and a Chilenean secret service agent who turns into a war reporter working in Belgium.

Interview scene from "The Colour of the Chameleon"

For our latest online pitching session we invited four experts and decision makers with a special interest in documentaries about South America: Ryan Harrington (Tribeca Film Institute, USA), Beate Thalberg (ORF, Austria), Isabel Arrate (The IDFA Bertha Fund, The Netherlands) and Thierry Detaille (Visible Films, Belgium). Below you will find an overview of the projects that were selected to be pitched to the aforementioned panel of experts - incl. a brief synopsis and a link to the project on the EDN website:


The Colour of the Chameleon. Directed by Andres Lubbert. Produced by Frederik Nicolai, Off World, Belgium.

During the Pinochet-dictatorship, Jorge Lubbert becomes an instrument for the Chilean secret services, who force him to work for them in an extremely violent way. He is able to escape from Chili and becomes a war cameraman based in Belgium. Today his son Andrès makes a psychological portrait of his father, and together they dive into Jorge’s unfinished past.

War name: Alias Yineth. Directed by Daniela Castro Valencia. Produced by Federico Durán Amorocho, Rhayuela Cine, Colombia.

"War name: Alias Yineth" is the story of a woman and her multiple transformations during a period of war framed by two peace processes. Yineth was recruited at age 12, during the failed peace process that took place in the Colombian town of San Vicente de Caguán. She now works for the government, convincing skeptical businessmen to employ war veterans hoping to transform their destinies. Colombia is currently negotiating a new peace process in Havana, Cuba. Yineth's story parallels the pain experienced by her county.

Nazinha. Directed by Belisario Franca. Produce by Maria Carneiro da Cunha, Giros, Brazil.

The documentary “Nazinha” reveals how the prisoners in Pará – Amazon region - behave during the “Círio de Nazaré”, the biggest faith manifestation in Brazil, on the hearth of the Amazon forest. For the whole year, watching the relation between some prisoners and the festivities of “Nossa Senhora de Nazaré”, as known as “Nazinha”, the movie shows how the convicted ones who get a license to be free during the “Círio” enjoy the short period of freedom on a tradition that exists just on the Pará’s justice system. At the same time when it brings considerations about the punitive society, the effects of being arrested, and the power of faith during bad times.

We already look forward to the next online pitching sessions which will focus on documentaries for and about children and young audiences (EDN Online Pitching: RealYoung, 15 September 2015) as well as a pitching round with a focus on science documentaries (EDN Online Pitching: Science Documentaries, 13 October 2015).

Source: EDN Online Pitching Sessions 2015 "Pictures of South America"