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Apply for documentary script workshop with Sources 2


The script development program Sources 2 is now accepting applications for their Spring 2014 workshop. You can apply until December 1, 2013
with your creative documentary.

Mussels in Love - developed at Sources 2

The Sources script development program consist of three different elements, being:


  • ·        Workshop with group sessions plus lectures and keynote discussions
  • ·       Three-month coaching period in close contact with other group members and advisers
  • ·       Round-off e-mail


The spring 2014 edition of the Sources Script Development Workshop will take place on April 3-11, 2014 
at Schloss Ziethen in Berlin-Brandenburg, Germany. 

The program is aimed at scriptwriters and teams of writers, producers or directors with a feature-length documentary or fiction project in development.

The participation fee for the Souces 2 development program is € 800 per participant. It includes the three-day sessions (accommodation + meals included, travel costs excluded), three-month coaching period and the round-off e-mail.

Here you can read more about Sources 2

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