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IDFA Bertha Fund Announces May 2015 Selection


The IDFA Bertha Fund has concluded the second selection round for 2015. Eleven documentary projects from countries like Nepal, Kyrgyzstan, South Sudan, Uruguay and Georgia will be supported by the fund in the classic scheme, among which are new projects by Tinatin Gurchiani, Malek Bensmail, and Kesang Tseten.

For the classic selection round of May 2015, the fund considered 354 projects from almost 60 different countries. In a press release from Tuesday, IDFA Bertha Fund announced that a total amount of €125,500 was granted to 11 projects. The committee selected four projects for script and project development and seven projects for production and post-production.

Furthermore, the IDFA Bertha Fund continues to support three documentary festivals in Myanmar, the Dominican Republic and Georgia which were also supported in 2013 and 2014. Newly selected for support in 2015 is the Windows to Peace program in Afghanistan, a monthly screening of documentaries in Kabul.

The selection committee consisted of Orwa Nyrabia (producer Proaction Film, Syria/Germany), Don Edkins (producer Steps International, South Africa), Fleur Knopperts (producer Volya Films, the Netherlands), Elizabeth Woods (founder and director of DocHouse, UK), and Isabel Arrate Fernandez (Manager IDFA Bertha Fund). The selection for Documentary Festivals was made by the IDFA Bertha Fund staff.

IBF Classic: Project Development
5 Houses by Bruno Gularte Barreto, Brasil
The Land of Fire by Alfredo Pourailly De La Plaza, Chile
Love Song. Pastorale. by Tinatin Gurchiani, Georgia
Written on Your Face by Simon Lokwang, South Sudan

IBF Classic: Production and Postproduction
Checks and Balances by Malek Bensmail, Algeria
Children of the War by Mariana Viñoles, Uruguay
The Letter by Maia Lekow & Christopher King, Kenya
Syiagul by Amanbek Mariambek Uulu, Kyrgyzstan
Sumercé by Victoria Solano, Colombia
Trembling Mountain by Kesang Tseten, Nepal
The Waiting Bench by Suhaib Gasmelbari Mustafa, Sudan

IBF Classic: Documentary Festivals
Cine-DOC Tbilisi, Georgia
RDOC International Documentary Film Festival, Dominican Republic
Wathann Film Festival, Myanmar
• Windows to Peace, Afghanistan


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