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Latest Calls: IDFA Forum & Docs for Sale, European Commission and Screen Australia


With our news category entitled Latest Calls, we provide a regular overview of incoming calls for doc industry events and festivals featuring submission deadlines and updates as a complement to our EDN Festival Calendar / DOCalendar deadlines.

The latest calls and updates for the upcoming week(s) include IDFA Forum, IDFA Docs for Sale, European Commission/CNECT and the Screen Australia Documentary Broadcast Program.


IDFA Forum / Final Call

The FORUM is IDFA's international co-financing market for documentaries and Europe's largest gathering of filmmakers, television commissioning editors, and independent documentary producers. By offering different pitch setups and giving extra focus to specific genres, the Forum gives room to the rich variety of the documentary genre. IDFA Forum has four special categories this year:Docs4Cinema Projects, Crossmedia Projects, Rough Cut Projects, Youth documentaries.

Deadline: 1 Sep 2016

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IDFA Docs for Sale / Final Call

Getting your documentary made is difficult enough. Then there’s the business of selling it and eventually finding an audience for it. The Docs for Sale market was launched in 1996 to ease the burden on producers and to facilitate sales of high-end documentaries by gathering all interested parties under one roof at the same time. Docs for Sale has grown into one of the world’s premiere markets for documentary cinema.

Deadline: 15 Sep 2016

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European Commission/CNECT:

Call for proposals: "Subtitling European cultural TV contents across all Europe"

The European Commission has launched a call for proposals "Subtitling European cultural TV contents across all Europe". The aim of this Preparatory Action is to try out innovative strategies to enhance the circulation of European content throughout Europe. The Call for proposals aims to meet three specific objectives, namely:

- Test new business models for European audiovisual media service providers and assess whether providing subtitled versions of European TV programmes can help bridge the difficulties caused by linguistic fragmentation and increase audience numbers both within and beyond the European Union;

- Facilitate cross border online dissemination of cultural content which is often slowed down by linguistic borders;

- Compare the audience reach of similar audiovisual content with and without subtitling and share the results publicly with EU stakeholders and public policy makers.

Deadline: 26 Sep 2016 (12:00, Brussels time)

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Screen Australia Documentary Broadcast Program

The Documentary Production Broadcast Program is designed to support the production of a diverse range of quality projects for television broadcast that offer a compelling vision and have clear enduring cultural value beyond their initial broadcast.

Deadline: 9 Sep 2016

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For more information about upcoming deadlines, you may also want to check our DOCalendar and the EDN Festival Calendar.

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