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EDN Member Discount on Post Production Services by FILMMORE


EDN members can now save up to 25% on post-production services for their documentary film project through FILMMORE, a post-production service provider known for having performed post-production work on a variety of acclaimed documentary projects.

Save up to 25% on post-production services
through FILMMORE

We're excited to announce a brand new partnership with FILMMORE, an Amsterdam-based provider of post-production services for films and video productions. FILMMORE offers EDN members a discount of up to 25% for post-production services for their films, whereas the exact discount is tailor-made per film and dependend on the budget of each project. The available services of FILMMORE include editing, visual effects, color-grading, rushes transcoding, international deliverables and many other services that filmmakers may need when it comes to finalizing a project.

Documentary projects that were made using services by FILMMORE include: Waiting for August (Prod.: Clin d’oeill Films | Dir.: Teodora Ana Mihai), Inside the Chinese Closet (Prod.: NTR, YLE | Dir.: Sophia Luvara ), A Family Affair (Prod.: Clin d’oeil Films | Dir.: Tom Fassaert) and many other acclaimed films.


For more information about FILMMORE and how to obtain the discount on post-production services, please visit the EDN Member Discount section, scroll down to the relevant section for the filmmore discount and follow the instructions. When visiting our discount section, please make sure to be logged-in with your EDN membership account. If you're not a member of EDN yet, you can join us here.

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