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EDN Member Discount for Documentary Streaming Platform 'China Screen'


A new and independent glance at Chinese lifestyle and society can be gleaned from ICTV's new documentary streaming platform 'China Screen'. EDN members can save 25% on the monthly subscription fee and get access to a growing online repository of high quality documentaries focusing on China.

Save 25% on monthly subscriptions for China Screen

With its new VOD streaming service China Screen, ICTV aims to bring new perspectives and impressions from China to worldwide audiences via a selection of top range documentaries. China Screen currently offers 65 high quality creative documentaries in a collection that will constantly be updated with the latest Chinese films.

"As some of you may know, I have been giving a lot of attention to producing and distributing documentaries that shed an independent light on events, trends and characters in contemporary China", says China Screen founder and director Michel Knoll. "It was, and still remains, very important to me to offer to the Western viewer an alternative source of information as well as valuable insights into one of the most changing societies of our times. A society that is gaining significant influence on the world stage, and yet, we still know effectively very little about it. Some of our award winning films have been shown on television, many of them in cinemas in either the China Screen festival or it’s screening cycles, in France as well as in several other countries in Europe. I feel we need to go a step further and make these films also available on the internet. The best alternative seems to be a subscription service, thus allowing the interested viewer to screen the films whenever it suits him/or her, and as often as he/or she wants to. This is why we are now launching an SVOD service".

Subscriptions for China Screen are regularly available for €4,99 per month whereas EDN members are eligible for a discount of 25% — a trailer describing the services of China Screen more in detail is available here.

How to obtain the discount

For more information about China Screen and how to obtain the 25% discount on monthly subscriptions, please visit the Order usa lamictal online on our website and make sure you're logged on with your EDN log-in credentials.

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