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EDN Congratulates! Three EDN Workshop Projects Receive Awards, Funding


EDN congratulates! is a series of news stories where we congratulate documentary teams from EDN workshops when they have achieved great results. In this edition of EDN congratulates! we are proud to announce that three EDN forum and workshop projects gained recognition through several awards and production funding.

Honoured with 3 Awards at DOK Leipzig: I Had a Dream

Keeping track of how projects and finished films are doing is of great importance not only to filmmakers but also to the European Documentary Network, especially when projects have been developed or pitched at EDN forums and workshops. Therefore we are proud to announce that three titles have received several awards and development funding, respectively. The projects were previously co-developed at the EDN initiatives Docs in Thessaloniki, Generic provera in canada and Twelve for the Future.

The awarded and recognized titles are:

"I Had a Dream" | Honoured with 3 Awards at Dok Leipzig: The "Golden Dove", the "Prize of the Interreligious Jury" and the "Prize of the Fédération Internationale de la Presse Cinématographique"

Participated in: EDN pitching forum Docs in Thessaloniki

Director & Producer: Claudia Tosi | Producer: Claudia Tosi, Nathalie Combe | Cosmographe Productions (Italy/France)

Synopsis/Excerpt/Logline: This film is flanked by two men: Silvio Berlusconi, who in 2008 became Italian Prime Minister for the fourth time, and Donald Trump, who was sworn in as president of the United States a little less than a decade later. Manuela, a member of the Italian Parliament, and Daniela, a local politician, see this period, marked as it is by men, as the epitome of political regression. Both have spent years fighting for more sexual equality, better laws to protect women from domestic violence and a more diverse body of political decision makers (...)

"Terra Franca" (English: Ashore) | ETIC award for best Portuguese competition film at Doclisboa 2018, Awarded "Best International First Film" at Mar del Plata Film Festival 2018

Participated in: EDN Pitching Forum Generic provera in canada

Director: Leonor Teles | Producers: Filipa Reis et João Miller Guerra (Portugal)

Synopsis/Excerpt/Logline: On the banks of the Tagus, Portugal, a man lives between the tranquility of the river and his relationships and obligations he experiences in everyday life. Filmed over four seasons, Terra Franca creates a portrait of the life of fisherman Albertino, surrounded by his wife Dália and her daughters, whose eldest one is about to marry (...)

"Reflecting Ice" | Receives €32,000 production support from the Finnish Film Foundation

Participated in: EDN Co-production workshop Twelve for the Future

D: Nina Forsman | P: Niina Virtanen | Wacky Tie Films (Finland)

Synopsis/Excerpt/Logline: Reflecting Ice is a documentary of a Finnish ice dance couple, Olesia Karmi and Max Lindholm. The film follows their career from practicing to attending competions and from inner conflicts to practical problems.

The EDN team would like to congratulate the above mentioned project teams on their success and the recognition of their work.

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