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EDN Congratulates! Premieres, Nominations and Awards for EDN Workshop Projects


EDN congratulates! is a series of news stories where we congratulate documentary teams from EDN workshops when they have achieved great results. In this edition of EDN congratulates! we are proud to announce that a slate of five EDN forum and workshop projects received recognition through premieres, nominations and awards.

Nominated for the Peabody Awards :
The Islands and the Whales, which took part
as a project in "Twelve for the Future"

Keeping track of how projects and finished films are doing is of great importance not only to filmmakers but also to the European Documentary Network, especially when projects have been developed or pitched at EDN forums and workshops. Therefore we are proud to announce five titles that have gained official recognition through through premieres, nominations and awards. The projects were previously co-developed at the EDN initiatives Lisbon Docs, Docs in Thessaloniki, Twelve for the Future and Glucophage women.

The nominated and recognized titles are:

The Islands and the Whales | Nominated for the Peabody Awards

Participated in the EDN Co-production Workshop Twelve for the Future

Director & Producer: Mike Day | Inteprid Cinema (Scotland, UK)

Synopsis (Excerpt): In the remote Faroe Islands, inhabitants have hunted seabirds and pilot whales for millennia. An isolated culture based on food and folklore, the Faroese built their traditions around survival. "In the past, nature was giant and humans tiny ... and now it's the other way around." Soaring aerial cinematography shows a community, historically dependent upon and devoted to nature, losing connection with the natural world (...)

Arctic Camels | Presented as 'Work in Progress' at Cannes Film Festival´s Doc Corner

Participated in the pitching forum RealYoung

D: Karl Emil Rikardsen | P: Knut Skoglund, Anna Björk, Maria Stevnbak Westergren, Karl Emil Rikardsen | Toolbox Film (Denmark), Giraff Film (Sweden)

Synopsis: The Arctic Camels tells the story of Svalin and Torarin, two siblings living in Akkarfjord on the South Island, about as far north as it is possible to get in Norway. When they want a horse for riding, their parents buy  two Mongolian camels. Now they dream of having camel babies and riding on camels. It's just that camels are very large and heavy, and only trained camels can be used for riding. Therefore, the family of Svalin and Torarin will  travel to Mongolia to find a professional camel trainer who will be returning to Akkarfjord to train their Camels.

The Other Side of the Wall | Nominated for Best Feature Documentary at One World Media Awards

Participated as 'Outside of Prison' in the EDN Pitching Forum Docs in Thessaloniki

D: Pau Ortiz | P: María Nova López, Emiliano Altuna, Tatiana García, Carlos Rossini | Bambú Audiovisual (Mexico)

Synopsis: When their mother is sentenced to 10 years in a Mexican prison on questionable charges, teenagers Rocío and Ale are left with no choice but to play the role of both mother and father to their two younger siblings. As Honduran immigrants living in Mexico, they lack work papers, making opportunities for employment scarce. While the oldest, Ale, tries his best to make rational decisions for the good of the family, the pressure mounts. Finances are tight, his girlfriend is expecting and his sister Rocío is testing her teenage boundaries, wanting less responsibility and more freedom. Fearing she may get herself into trouble, Ale clamps down and tensions between them escalate. As apprehensions about the future intensify, Ale must make the difficult decision between keeping the family together in Mexico or breaking them apart to cross the US border for work.

Wind Should Be Heard Not Seen | World Premiere at Hot Docs 2018

Participated as "Hwangsa" in Lisbon Docs

Director and Producer: Claire Sanford | Tortuga Films (Canada)

Synopsis (excerpt): "Wind Should Be Heard Not Seen" takes us on a lyrical journey through countries and cultures, connected by an unlikely protagonist: dust. Originating in the deserts of Western China, gigantic dust clouds rise, engulfing everything in their path. Blowing across the globe, the film rides the winds of our changing planet, connecting us all through the air we breathe. Taking its name from a Mongolian proverb - “wind should be heard, but never seen” - the film bears witness to human adaptation in the face of increasing environmental change (...)

Breathless | Winner of the Audience Award at MoooV

Participated as "Eternal Silence" in Buy viagra next day delivery

D: Daniel Lambo | P: Maarten Schmidt | Storyhouse (Belgium)

Short Synopsis: When filmmaker Daniel Lambo looks for an answer to the question of what it means to live in the vicinity of the silent killer asbestos, he travels to the largest asbestos waste dump in India and unveils a global industry that is not afraid to infiltrate his film. A telling documentary about the struggle of individuals living in the ruins of the asbestos industry.

The EDN team would like to congratulate the above mentioned project teams on their success and recognition of their work.

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